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the forward tip of the upper of a shoe or boot that provides space and protection for the toes

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The biggest problems we encounter are related to the height of the heel and/or the narrowness of the toe box," he added.
Look for flexible shoes: Running shoes should flex easily in the toe box region.
To treat the problems of calluses and clavi, and abnormal loading of the digit, a wide toe box, passive stretching of the deformity, and toe sleeves all help with symptoms.
A good "rule of thumb" is to leave an extra thumb's width, about 1/2 inch, between the end of your longest toe and the end of the toe box.
l Toe box Make sure it traces the shape of your toes so your toenails are protected.
All have a sheer silky toe box so your toes won't feel squished.
If the toe box of the shoe is very low (currently the style in many dress shoes), you may need even more width because your toes will be compressed from top to bottom.
Select shoes with a wide, elevated toe box to allow enough room for all toes.
Shoes that are too small, too tight in the toe box or have high heels are contributing causes to hammertoes.
When buying shoes, check to see that the toe box flexes easily and the shoe doesn't bend in the middle of the sole.
Designed to encourage rolling through the foot, the Gala features the Prima Soft "perfect--placement toe box.
The shoe stretchers come in two types: one that stretches the front toe box for bunions and hammertoes, and a two-way stretcher that can extend the shoe's length by a quarter to a half inch.
If the shoes can be twisted (when held at toe box and heel), which means the support has deteriorated
It has a new grip sole with improved spikeless traction, generous width, step saver orthotic, steel shank, round toe box, and washable sock liner (replacements available).