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Synonyms for toddy

a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot

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I'D been seeing Toddy, a 14-year-old spaniel with a big lump on his side behind his elbow, for several months.
If I have a cold I have a whisky toddy - a drop of whisky and a teaspoon of sugar topped off with hot water, a couple of hours before I go to bed.
com/embed/sRmQLJAwOYAThey especially recommend a shot of hriata' in the Main Square Christmas market, described by them as hot toddy made from honey, goose fat and alcohol.
Given the ruthlessness of Neil Warnock's side, perhaps Reading should agree to play 'next goal wins' in this game - with a bit of luck everyone could be back in the pub with a hot toddy by about 8.
There are 14 distilleries in Sri Lanka and they use Palmyra toddy, coconut toddy, molasses, maize and fruits to produce spirits.
Tenders are invited for gpaip for registered workers of kerala toddy workers welfare fund board for2018
The 144-page book also features all the staples like the Mai Tai, rum Negroni and Hot Rum Toddy.
4 WHISKY HOT TODDY My friend Stephen and I went for a drink at OX184 in Edinburgh after my show today.
The CPM-led LDF government had last month unveiled its new liquor policy by deciding to open closed bar outlets in three star and above category besides permitting serving of toddy in these hotels from July 1.
I think we had two weeks," laughs Danielle, who joined Crazy P in 2000, bringing a woman's touch to the outfit which had been founded in 1995 by Jim and Toddy, after the pair met at Nottingham University.
S&D Coffee & Tea has launched Toddy cold brew coffee concentrates --simplifying cold brew coffee for foodservice operations.
This record is dedicated to my beloved Toddy," Berry said in a (http://chuckberry.
Mr Heywood asked whether the men had been named, and she replied: "No; I just knew who they were on about straight away, Ken and Toddy.
But any excuse for a candle, a hot toddy and night in is good with me.
As delicious as they are nutritious, the thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' dishes showcased in the pages of "Winter Cabin Cooking" range from Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms; Goulash Soup; Swiss Chard Gratin; and Parmesan--Ricotta Cheese Cake; to Schnitzel with Warm Potato Salad; Prune and Armagnac Souffle; Banana Cake; and Hot Toddy.