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The transferor who has the mental capacity to execute a contract may revoke it at any time by recording the revocation of the existing deed or by recording a subsequent deed that can be either another TOD deed, or any other deed transferring the property.
These strategically planned TOD sites often include state-of-the-art office space, restaurants, retailers, and at times, movie theaters, hotels and parks.
Mots cles: developpement axe sur le transport en commun, TOD, developpement alternatif, offre, barriere, promoteur immobilier, Montreal
Unlike most suburban and even center-city apartment developments, TOD apartments should be built to appeal to mixed-income residents for reasons related to both social equity and business opportunity.
Nevertheless, TOD is a foreign-born concept initially invented in the U.
Mr Tod's uncle, Sir Alan Tod, raised funds to build the cathedral's tower, central space and western transept.
Kitty was born in Peebles, Scotland, daughter of Thomas and Jane (Kane) Tod, and has lived in Worcester for 75 years.
He loved working with the RLPC and, even when wracked with pain, he came to life in the rehearsals and positively sparkled; indeed, some of our most memorable perform ances have been with dear Tod at the helm.
Tod was banned, fined pounds 575 and ordered to do 150 hours of community service by Perth sheriff Linda Smith.
Front-seat passenger Jason Ness, 17, was killed after his friend Philip Tod, 21, secretly took his step-dad's car "because he was bored" then lost control while trying to go round a bend at 60mph, a court heard.
As noted elsewhere in this issue (see "Estate Planning for the rest of Us," page 520 ff), POD stands for "payable on death" and TOD stands for "transfer on death.
The years during which James Tod was in central and western India (1800-22), as also the years when he wrote the accounts of his experiences in India after his return to London (1823-35), were years of economic, political, aesthetic, and scientific transformation in Great Britain and Europe.
ALLOA boss Alan Maitland had a dig at referee Steve O'Reilly after his troops were sunk by a late Andy Tod header.
Listokin, co-director of CUPR and the study's lead investigator, discussed the findings before a large audience of area residents and municipal leaders who participated in the latest in a series of community workshops sponsored by North Brunswick TOD Associates, the property owners.
The Who's Who of the hat world made their way to Wales for an exclusive show by Alison Tod, right, last night.