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Tod standing on the unsteady chair looked down upon him attentively; he really was a first prize sound sleeper!
Tod descended safely from the chair, and endeavoured to get up again with the pail of water.
Tod and the pail descended from the chair without accident.
Tod took a last look at the badger and softly left the room.
Tod got to the tree, he found that the weight and strain had dragged the knot so tight that it was past untying.
Tod was mystified; he sat quite still, and listened attentively.
Tod watched it for half an hour; his eyes glistened.
Tod rushed upon Tommy Brock, and Tommy Brock grappled with Mr.
Kitty was born in Peebles, Scotland, daughter of Thomas and Jane (Kane) Tod, and has lived in Worcester for 75 years.
He loved working with the RLPC and, even when wracked with pain, he came to life in the rehearsals and positively sparkled; indeed, some of our most memorable perform ances have been with dear Tod at the helm.
Jason's grandmother Rena Ness reacted with fury yesterday as Tod, who had never taken a driving test, was given 150 hours' community service, banned from the road for six months and fined pounds 575.
Tod was banned, fined pounds 575 and ordered to do 150 hours of community service by Perth sheriff Linda Smith.
POD and TOD beneficiary designations, like joint tenancy and living trusts, are another tool for avoiding probate of property.
That Tod was completely a man of his time can be seen in the occurrences of the terms "picturesque" and "sublime" in the accounts of his travels in Rajasthan, which appear under the heading "Personal Narrative" in each of the two volumes of his Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan.
With quarter of an hour left Tod slashed at a great chance from six yards - but then wrapped up the points with a header after Mark Campbell's shot was blocked by Chris Townsley.