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Synonyms for tocsin

a signal that warns of imminent danger

Synonyms for tocsin

the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)

a bell used to sound an alarm


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speech at Melbourne Temperance Hall, 13 September 1897, cited in Tocsin, 9 December 1897.
Rather, it is in documenting these ways, even as he sounds the tocsin of public accountability for the confederacy of injustices he has so voluminously identified.
In calling for radical reconstruction of economic theory, I am sounding a tocsin that James Tobin rang more than twenty years ago, echoing earlier warnings by Oskar Morganstern |36; 54, 293-7~ and Milton Friedman |20, 291-300~.
Patricia Grimshaw recognises that the journal Tocsin supported equal rights for women in many fields, and had female correspondents.
Intervenant mardi dernier devant la chambre des representants, et en reponse a des questions presentees par plusieurs groupes parlementaires de la majorite, dont le GPD-PPS, et de l'opposition, Mohamed Hassad, ministre de l'interieur, a sonne le tocsin quant aux perils terroristes qui menacent le Maroc.
78) Melbourne's radical labour newspaper, Tocsin, captured the burgeoning working-class sentiment: 'And Victoria must be made a fit country to live in--yea, if it takes a revolution to cleanse it.
From your ranks come the great captains who hold the nation's destiny in their hands the moment the war tocsin sounds.
122) For those who identified Quebec with the Third World, the Tricontinental Congress held in Havana in January 1966 sounded the tocsin of revolutionary activism worldwide.
The philosophy of Christian Identity is essentially that it is the true church and that followers must stay true to its words," says Jerry Sloan, cofounder of Project Tocsin, which monitors the religious right in California.
Thus when the National Humanities Alliance sounded the tocsin to mobilize the usual Republican friends, ("The ideal person to deliver a message in favor of NEH is a banker, industrialist, higher education executive or other prominent persons serving on boards of museums, libraries, and other cultural institution.
Remarquant que les choses ne bougent pas dans le bon sens, Christine Lagarde, DG du FMI, a sonne le tocsin a Nouakchott.
Working with Project Tocsin, which he cofounded in 1991, Sloan publishes information about the growing political strength of the religious right in California, which has most recently been focused on next year's anti-gay-marriage initiative.
So the tocsin rang more than thirty years ago, sending alarms that awoke a generation and spawned a movement that has taken unto itself the task of being guardian of the sacred vessel that is the earth.
Le tocsin de ton coeur tressaille, dans tes yeux, lancinant.