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a baroque musical composition (usually for a keyboard instrument) with full chords and rapid elaborate runs in a rhythmically free style

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Ode on a Grecian Urn" and "A Toccata of Galuppi's" can also be compared via the ways in which they share the interrogatory mode in relation to their respective artworks.
TOCCATA participants received either 10 mg or 30 mg of alitretinoin per day at their physician's discretion for up to 24 weeks, with follow-up evaluations at 4-week intervals.
The reduction in work absenteeism in TOCCATA was paralleled by the clinical improvement.
TOCCATA was designed to investigate the clinical profile of Toctino (alitretinoin) under daily practice conditions in a sample of 680 severe chronic hand eczema (CHE) patients in Germany.
In the follow-up study Toccata-N, up to 200 patients who have responded to treatment with Toctino in the Toccata trial will be observed for up to 12 months.
Por un lado titulos como Toccata, Fantasia y fuga, Suite sugieren formas que tuvieron gran auge en el Barroco, mientras otras como Intermezzo, Berceuse, Impromptu y Parafrasis, tienen que ver con formas libres muy usadas en el Romanticismo.
Amid the commercially safe inevitable (Bach's D Minor Toccata and Fugue; Albinoni's Adagio etc) the exercise is saved by the inclusion of the Impressionistic Cathedrales by Louis Vierne, one time organist of Notre Dame, Paris.
This Bank Holiday extravaganza began with Daniel Bishop, sub-organist at Liverpool Cathedral, playing a range of music from the popular and competently played D minor Toccata and Fugue by Bach, through an inspirational performance of Howells's Psalm Prelude Set 1 No 2, and a thoughtful performance of Darke's overly-long Retrospection.
Freer forms include the praembula, toccata, and embellished motets.
The programme also includes a toccata by Prokofiev and Brahms's Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel.
The recording is made up of pieces from live performances, including Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.
The second season of CFT, a show that focuses on famous folk trying to lose weight, premieres July 10, featuring Jackee Harry, Gary Busey, Willie Aames, and plus-size model Toccata Jones from America's Next Top Model.
Hewitt's complete identification with the music, her command of the notes, and a technique to encompass the final super-virtuosic Toccata of the Ravel, provided great pleasure, but it was the musicality of everything she played that transcended the notes and the styles.
3 among others, and, of course, the celebrated Toccata and Fugue in D minor to close the show.