tobacconist shop

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a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes

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Audits were conducted at 16 retail outlets in each city: grocery stores/supercentres (4), convenience stores (4), tobacconist shops (4) and vape shops/e-cigarette specialty stores (4).
In the 1890s, Third Lanark striker James Oswald received a staggering proposal from Notts County: he was offered pounds 160 a season, plus his own tobacconist shop, complete with pounds 500 worth of stock
One of 15 children, he worked in the family tobacconist shop until 19, when he chose to devote himself to religious study.
The nearest anyone will get to seeing a corona will be a cigar in a tobacconist shop window.
The planning application to the council is for a booking office above a tobacconist shop.
I also remember Mapplebecks' tobacconist shop, the tripe shop and the IXL bakery.
The family, who were third class passengers, were emigrating to Wichita, Kansas, where her dad had hoped to open a tobacconist shop.
The museum's new buildings will be a tobacconist shop and a radio dealer.
Josie worked at a tobacconist shop in Coventry before moving to GEC in Spon Street.
Was this the same bear that was a feature in the tobacconist shop that was situated on the corner of Wood Street and St Mary Street?
It was at the Billingham Co-operative where he met my mother, Eleanor Jobson, who worked in the sweet and tobacconist shop next door to the hairdressers.
At one point, Edith had a sweet and tobacconist shop in Cowlersley Lane.
He made many friends over the years and ran a tobacconist shop in the town, where he was based for more than 20 years.
My grandfather David William Davenport was a Surgical Boot and Shoe Maker,attached to Mill RoadHospital and also had a Sweets and Tobacconist shop in or near Soho Street,Islington,proba bly around the early 1900s.
The burglary, at the tobacconist shop in Wyndham Arcade happened on Monday.