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Synonyms for tobacconist

a retail dealer in tobacco and tobacco-related articles

a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes

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Those old fashioned tobacconist shops have gone, although many will recall them with fond nostalgia.
Make it a point to buy cigars from a tobacconist who has a humidification system.
After the war, Eileen and Gordon went on to run several businesses, including a tobacconist and gents' hairdressers in the city centre and a newsagents and post office in Gabalfa.
Justin Clayton at the Cuban Cigar Club said: "There is little known exemption to the smoking ban which exempts specialist tobacconist stores for the purposes of sampling hand-rolled cigars and pipe tobacco.
A total of 1,800 packets of cigarettes were found stolen from a tobacconist in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, on Sunday, two days after 3,300 packets were pilfered from a grocery store in the prefecture, the police said.
When time permits, Blake visits his favorite New Yolk City tobacconist, De Lu Concha (www.
He got them from the tobacconist in the village, a seedy man with a harelip who gave the priests a break, 20 percent off, probably in exchange for future considerations.
The Tobacco Institute of Japan, the Japan Tobacconist Federation and the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association said they hope to equip all cigarette vending machines nationwide with such verification abilities by 2008.
Richard Edelman, tobacconist, leased 1,500 SF of retail space in Sconset Square.
As a new tobacconist, C&K Cigars owner Kevin Doyle acknowledges, ``It's really, really hard to get name-brand cigars.
These include the intemperate knight Sir Epicure Mammon, the pretentious Puritans Ananias and Tribulation Wholesome, the ambitious tobacconist Abel Drugger, the gamester law clerk Dapper, and the parvenu Kastril with his widowed sister, Pliant.
LATEST TITLES THE TOBACCONIST by Robert Seethaler (Picador, PS12.
Uncertain future: Jennifer Chin at specialist tobacconist John Hollingsworth in the Great Western Arcade.
Alan Wealleans who sent this picture writes: I have had this picture of my great grandmother's tobacconist and newsagent's shop for many years.
He made many friends over the years and ran a tobacconist shop in the town, where he was based for more than 20 years.