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a person who smokes tobacco

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Comparison of Sputum AFB Smear Grading among Smokeless Tobacco Users and Non-Tobacco Users Sputum AFB Tobacco Chewer Non Tobacco User Smear Grading (%) (n=68) (n=68) Scanty 2 (2.
The holy month of Ramadan offers tobacco users a great opportunity to quit this addiction as people refrain from food, drinks and tobacco use from dawn to dusk.
Consequently, implementation of campus-based ecological tobacco control efforts, including tobacco-free policies, can have a positive influence on individual behavior by reducing the number of overall tobacco users or reducing the overall amount of tobacco smoked (Apel, Klein, & McDermott, 1997; Farrelly et al.
The study population comprised of tobacco users reporting to the dental hospitals of Peshawar.
Established tobacco users were more likely to be asked about tobacco use, with 65% reporting their doctors asked about smoking and 53% reporting their doctor recommended that they quit, according to Gillian L.
Once the level of nicotine drops, the tobacco user must 'dose' again (smoke or chew) to avoid the withdrawal.
Despite conclusive evidence on the dangers of tobacco, relatively few tobacco users fully grasp its health risks.
Also, evidence is insufficient for effectiveness in specific populations, including pregnant women, smokeless tobacco users, light smokers, and adolescents.
What is there about smoking that poses such dangers for the tobacco user and the nonsmoker exposed to sidestream smoke?
Smokeless tobacco users are a special tobacco user population with a limited research base.
GATS India 2009-2010 (6) reported that the current Tobacco user prevalence in adult subjects aged 15 & above was 34.
Making tobacco-dependence treatment a covered benefit of insurance plans increases the likelihood that a tobacco user will receive treatment and quit successfully," the authors wrote.
When an athlete or any other individual is identified as a smokeless tobacco user, he must be examined carefully for oral pathology and especially leukoplakia.
The total dose was approximately equivalent to the amount of (S)-NNN to which a smokeless tobacco user would be exposed from chronic use of these products.
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