tobacco user

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a person who smokes tobacco

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Once the level of nicotine drops, the tobacco user must 'dose' again (smoke or chew) to avoid the withdrawal.
Despite conclusive evidence on the dangers of tobacco, relatively few tobacco users fully grasp its health risks.
Also, evidence is insufficient for effectiveness in specific populations, including pregnant women, smokeless tobacco users, light smokers, and adolescents.
Tobacco users require additional quantities of vitamin C to maintain proper blood plasma levels
We have to understand the uptake of NNN from smokeless tobacco products in humans and develop better biomarkers, such as urinary biomarkers, to have a tool to monitor the levels to which smokeless tobacco users are exposed," Balbo added.
Overall, Free & Clear has provided services to 23,534 tobacco users in the state during fiscal year 2008, up from 20,405 in fiscal year 2007.
Most adult tobacco users want to quit, but they need to have access to proven lifesaving programs to help them quit.
Researchers from Kings College London conducted a meta-analysis of 61 observational studies comprising almost 15,000 tobacco users and 273,000 non users.
INDIA along with Bangladesh make up 80 per cent of smokeless tobacco users in the world, a recent study has claimed.
Passive exposure to e-cig messaging - receiving information without seeking it - was more likely for tobacco users, young adults, males, those with more than a high school education, and those who use social media and spend more time online.
The situation is very serious for tobacco users in the GCC.
In mid-September, the City Council directed its lawyer to draft an ordinance that would apply to multiunit residences--and not only to tobacco users, but those who smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Of the nearly 35% of Indian adults, who are current tobacco users, 21% used smokeless tobacco products like gutkha, zarda and khaini, which are chewed orally.
The current research shows that this group of tobacco users has dropped to 27.
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