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a pouch for carrying pipe tobacco

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The man, who fell closer to the Fife side of the bridge, was seen smoking a cigarette he had taken from a tobacco pouch.
Contemporary newspaper accounts said that a copy of the Western Mail, a tobacco pouch, a gas mask and the victim's underwear were found close by.
He also had a tobacco pouch inside his wallet containing cannabis.
He was adamant throughout the wallet he was seen holding on CCTV footage was, in fact, a tobacco pouch which he returned later that day to an unknown man who had left it on the train.
There will be plenty of scenes starring damp, festering towels; a particularly poignant composition featuring a tobacco pouch with a picture of a dead person on the back, rolling papers, filters, and other unmentionable smoking paraphernalia, all stuffed in a football boot kindly given and signed by John Terry; piles of mildewed crockery stacked up by beds; vital GCSE coursework stuffed under the bed.
But then we saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a tobacco pouch.
Among the artifacts on display are a tobacco pouch carried by abolitionist Sojourner Truth of Battle Creek, a saddle used by Brevet Brigadier General James H.
For his service in what both chiefs would later describe as a "24-7'' role, he received a bead-ornamented leather tobacco pouch.
Jenna Burlison, 25, took police into her bedroom and pointed them to a tobacco pouch when they searched her Stockton home, a court was told.
This former noted chieftain's regalia now was supplanted by white man's ill-fitting clothes, but still retained his beaded moccasins for footwear, carried his beautiful old beaded tobacco pouch and his red-stone pipe--and around his shoulders he wore over all, his green--striped agency blanket (McCreight 1943:8)".
Left, PM Harold Wilson offers his tobacco pouch to George Jones of Cerfn Mawr at the Llangollen eisteddfod in July 1967.
He was astute at retaining details of a crime scene, such as a sealskin tobacco pouch, dirty knees on someone's trousers, or cow tracks.
ritual: a book of old-fashioned matches, cigarette paper, tobacco pouch,
My pipe tobacco pouch informs me in bold lettering that 'Smoking Kills' and 'Protect children - don't make them breathe your smoke'.