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According to the manager of the Prilep tobacco plant, this year a priority is the modernization of the production of cigarettes and the completion of the tobacco purchase.
For instance, it may be legal to sell the seeds, the whole tobacco plant, or the whole leaves of the tobacco plant.
According to Boeing and South African Airways (SAA), soon South African farmers will harvest their first crop of energy-rich tobacco plants, a significant measure toward using the plants to produce sustainable aviation biofuel.
ZMapp is made using tobacco plants, which can be induced to grow the antibodies in the drug.
The jet fuel will be made from a hybrid tobacco plant known as Solaris, which will be produced by alternative jet fuel maker SkyNRG, both companies said in a joint statement.
In order to produce more therapeutic proteins inside a tobacco plant, genes for the desired antibodies are made to fuse with the genes for a natural tobacco virus, and then the tobacco plants get to infected with the new artificial virus.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Wed, Aug 6, 2014 - Boeing has teamed up with South African Airways to develop jet fuel from a tobacco plant as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions and promote green energy in Africa's most advanced economy.
The company added that both genes are responsible for nicotine production in the tobacco plant.
Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said during a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the takeover of the tobacco plant in the southern Serbian city of Vranje by the British American Tobacco (BAT) that the government will try to help tobacco producers overcome some of the problems they face reports B92.
Anatabine is an alkaloid that is found in a variety of plants in the Solinaceae family, including the tobacco plant as well as in eggplant, green peppers and green tomatoes.
NICOTIANA AFFINIS tall white type of tobacco plant with a sweet heavy fragrance on warm summer evenings.
Japan Tobacco to close tobacco plant in Austria around year-end+
Errol was once the manager of a tobacco plant in New Guinea.
THE Ogden's tobacco plant is to close by next March with the loss of all 140 jobs.
Caoba is the original tobacco plant in the Western Hemisphere,'' he said.