tobacco mosaic virus

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the widely studied plant virus that causes tobacco mosaic


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Marys E, Ortega E, Carballo O, Ramis C (2004) Natural infection of Canavalia ensiformis with Tobacco mosaic virus in Venezuela.
Visualization by atomic force microscopy of tobacco mosaic virus movement protein-RNA complexes formed in vitro.
Localization, conjugation and function of salicylic acid in tobacco during the hypersensitive reaction to tobacco mosaic virus.
Complementary oligodeoxynucleotide mediated inhibition of tobacco mosaic virus RNA translation in vitro.
This role reversal stems from the ability of a well-studied pathogen, the tobacco mosaic virus, to force an infected plant to mass-produce the proteins of the virus.
Suttons produces Buffalo, a beefsteak tomato great for slicing and resistant to greenback, certain root rots - and tobacco mosaic virus.
Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey inoculated a group of tobacco plants with tobacco mosaic virus and discovered that the infected plants released an airborne form of oil of wintergreen.
Called tobacco mosaic virus, or TMV, the microbe causes some vulnerable plants to form an unhealthy mosaic of yellow-and-green splotches on their leaves.
T or TMV indicates resistance to tobacco mosaic virus that affects tomatoes and peppers.
He prepared a quantity of tobacco mosaic virus (the first virus to be recognized as such by Beijerinck--see 1898) by growing tobacco and infecting it.
Tobacco mosaic virus can be transmitted by your hands, and it can cause withered leaves and stunted growth.
The GENEWARE system is widely recognized as one of the world's most potent, robust and effective plant-based gene expression systems and uses a specifically altered tobacco mosaic virus as a vehicle to carry a target protein.
CGMMV is mechanically and seed transmitted with a narrow host range comprising of cucurbits only and is different in host range from Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) whose main hosts are members of the solanaceae (Antignus et al.
The letter combination "ASC" refers to Alternaria Stem Canker, "N" suggests resistance to nematode attack and "TMV" indicates some resistance to the dreaded Tobacco Mosaic Virus.