tobacco mosaic

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a plant disease causing discoloration of the leaves of tobacco plants

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A strobilurin fungicide enhances the resistance of tobacco against tobacco mosaic virus and Pseudomonas syringae pv tabaci.
They coated glass surfaces with uniform coverings of the Turnip yellow mosaic virus and Tobacco mosaic virus, originally intending to use them as starting points for examining other potential variations.
Beijerinck[acute accent]s work on tobacco mosaic virus: historical context and legacy.
Gooding JV, Hebert TT (1967) A simple technique for purification of tobacco mosaic virus in large quantities.
Atomic force microscopy examination of tobacco mosaic virus and virion RNA.
It may also cause tobacco mosaic virus on eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and related plants.
2] generating system in the induction of necrotic lesions on tobacco leaves infected with tobacco mosaic virus.
For example there are two tomatoes offered, Moravi and the cherry-fruited Sakuraare resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporium or leaf mould, verticillium wilt and fusarium 1.
In examining the 5'-most gene (the replicase gene) in tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), two 51mer ASOs were found to inhibit in vitro translation in RRL (Crum et al.
This role reversal stems from the ability of a well-studied pathogen, the tobacco mosaic virus, to force an infected plant to mass-produce the proteins of the virus.
Suttons produces Buffalo, a beefsteak tomato great for slicing and resistant to greenback, certain root rots - and tobacco mosaic virus.
ADRIENNE SAYS: There is a virus called Tobacco Mosaic which affects tobacco, snapdragons, petunias, potatoes and tomatoes.
Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey inoculated a group of tobacco plants with tobacco mosaic virus and discovered that the infected plants released an airborne form of oil of wintergreen.
Called tobacco mosaic virus, or TMV, the microbe causes some vulnerable plants to form an unhealthy mosaic of yellow-and-green splotches on their leaves.