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Synonyms for toasting

cooking to a brown crispiness over a fire or on a grill

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They are designed as mid-afternoon snacks as part of the company's drive to extend toasting products throughout the day.
Toasting a person or group is a tradition tracing back at least 5,000 years.
The com pany employs fire toasting for medium and medium-plus toasts, while using convection toast to create its line of "precision" toasts.
Toasting the nuts brings out the flavor - and can done in a dry skillet or for 30 to 60 seconds in a microwave oven (watch carefully to avoid burning).
World Cooperage expanded its Profile Series of barrels that are toasted with infrared technology, which the company says provides a cleaner and more precise method of toasting.
with a panoply of electronic features to make toasting a virtual art form.
To save time and energy, use the microwave oven for toasting the coconut, but watch carefully to avoid burning.
The toaster's intelligent "Egg/Toast" function directs the steam cooking and toasting to complete at the same time.
Vinea, which is distributed in the United States by Boswell, still uses fire-toasting for its products, while most barrel alternative companies use convection heat or employ a ceramic heating element for toasting.
But before you lift your glass, here are a few pointers on proper etiquette and toasting, if there is any such thing.
I started passing out video screeners to friends, and the next thing I knew, there was a whole counterculture out there toasting every time the pop-up sushi graphic appeared.
Custom toasting ranges from short, high-intensity "flash" toasts that are popular for thin-stave barrels to slower, longer toasts at lower temperatures.
Another popular method was placing pieces of bread on special toasting sticks, which then were held over a fire.