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common name for an inedible or poisonous agaric (contrasting with the edible mushroom)

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The 700-pound, stainless steel toadstool will be lowered from a crane Dec.
On July 11, representatives from Fields in Trust, Asda, and Middlesbrough Council, celebrated the new piece of equipment - a toadstool seat for children.
Formed at Glastonbury in the early 1980s, Ozric Tentacles are instrumental rockers on a decidedly psychedelic bent, heavily influenced by Gong and Steve Hillage - and what started as a tiny toadstool mushroomed into a multi-million dollar industry when they became a favourite among the more hippyish ravers and raverish hippies.
GARDEN gnomes and an ornamental toadstool were among items stolen from a garden.
London, June 4 (ANI): The Smurfs - the blue comic strip creatures living a peaceful existence in their toadstool homes - are actually anti-Semitic and racist, according to a French sociologist.
After a good look around she was surprised to see a little elf standing on a toadstool playing his violin.
In Brindleyplace, on the lawn next to the remarkable Cafe in the Square, are marvellous little toadstool sculptures.
A garden ornament in the shape of a giant red stone toadstool was damaged along with a basketball hoop, when yobs scaled the school p erimeter to carry out the wrecking spree.
A toadstool toxin that spurs convulsions, nausea, impaired speech and muscle stiffness--and has led to several deaths in Japan in recent years--has been isolated and identified by a team of scientists.
The Toadstool Bookshop's Peterborough store has been named one of the five best book stores in New England by Yankee magazine.
This made Garble laugh and laugh as she lay down under her toadstool to sleep at night.
The Spred-R is a toadstool looking plastic wad that is inserted stem down into the shot column.
Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool are trademarks of Nintendo.
Below several hundred feet of grey-white toadstool puff is a much more formless smoke-storm of nasty black.
Numerous new and upcoming releases that will keep the momentum going include 1080(R): Avalanche, a shred-'em-up snowboarding game; Mario Party(R) 5, the ultimate party game; F-Zero(R) GX, the fastest racing game on the market; Mario Golf(TM): Toadstool Tour, a golf game that appeals equally to novices and experts; Pokemon Channel(TM), the first-ever Pokemon game available for Nintendo GameCube; and Final Fantasy(R): Crystal Chronicles(TM), an upcoming role-playing game that continues the hit franchise.