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bottom-dwelling fish having scaleless slimy skin and a broad thick head with a wide mouth

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But the midshipman counters this by releasing only small quantities of calcium, approximately eight times lesser than toadfish muscles, in response to a single nerve impulse.
Reproductive structures and early life history of the gulf toadfish, Opsanus beta, in the Tecolutla Estuary, Veracruz, Mexico.
15 0 Oyster toadfish Opsanus tau 40 0 Sheepshead Archosargus 4 0 probatocephalus Blennies.
Maddock, "In vitro induction of sister chromatid exchanges and chromosomal aberrations in peripheral lymphocytes of the oyster toadfish and American eel," Environmental Mutagenesis, vol.
He looks well but beside him I look like a toadfish or something.
Despite being among the nominees for eviction, Dettori remains the joint-second favourite to win the competition at a general 4-1 alongside Ryan Moloney - better known as Toadfish from Australian soap Neighbours - and behind X-Factor finalist Rylan Clark.
Then Neighbours actor Ryan Maloney - Toadfish in the Aussie soap - lost out for being more fake than ex-East-Ender Gillian Taylforth.
Ken Gobalet at CSU Bakersfield inspected a sample of fish bones showing that fish consumed at the Market Street Chinatown included local freshwater species (pike, Sacramento blackfish, Sacramento sucker, and Sacramento perch), marine species of northern California (cabezone) and southern California (sheephead, senorita, and ocean whitefish), exotic species likely from Asia (drumfish), and a number of taxa found in multiple climates (houndsharks, carp, toadfish, kelpfish, rockfish, chub mackerel, and sea bass).
A comparative study of pigmentation of wild and xanthic forms of toadfish, Opsanus beta.
The scientists used invisible infrared light to make rat heart cells contract and toadfish inner-ear cells send signals to the brain.
Blacktip shark Carcharhinus limbatus Black sea bass Centropristis striata Remora Remora remora Florida pompano Trachinotus carolinus Tiger shark Galeocerdo cuvier Spotted moray Gymnothorax moringa Creole-fish Paranthias furcifer Purplemouth moray Gymnothorax vicinus Black grouper Mycteroperca bonaci Cobia Rachycentron canadum Sand seatrout Cynoscion arenarius Leopard toadfish Opsanus pardus Dogfish (genus) Squalus Bank sea bass Centropristis ocyurus Bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix Scalloped hammerhead Sphyrna lewini Cubera snapper Lutjanus cyanopterus Dogfish Mustelus sp.
25 Toadfish is a well-loved character in Australian soap Neighbours.
Scientists are studying the way male toadfish serenade females using sexy sounds.
The ionic composition of the toadfish inner ear fluids has not been previously reported.