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All the Subjects died but this quiet little fellow -- this nice little toad.
Lecount rose, bent fondly over the Aquarium, and chirruped to the toad at parting as if it had been a bird.
In the evening, when she had washed up and was ready, she felt in her pocket and found the three nuts which the old toad had given her.
The toads were all freed, and were beautiful King's children, running about for joy.
Yet with this high temperature, almost every beetle, several genera of spiders, snails, and land-shells, toads and lizards were all lying torpid beneath stones.
Tickling a fat toad who is not highly sensitive is an amusement that it is possible to exhaust, and Tom by and by began to look round for some other mode of passing the time.
I don't say there are not toads in the dungeons," replied Baisemeaux.
For more than a week we had seen, besides ourselves and our animals, only such living things as rattlesnakes and horned toads.
You can shut me up in a dark, damp dungeon inhabited by snakes and toads and feed me only on bread and water and I shall not complain.
Vincent long ago remarked that Batrachians (frogs, toads, newts) have never been found on any of the many islands with which the great oceans are studded.
And he seized hold of the creeping-plants, and the roots of trees--climbed up the moist stones where the water-snakes were writhing and the toads were croaking--and he gained the summit before the sun had quite gone down.
The localization of Toad for Oracle comes at a critical time for companies in the Chinese marketplace.
The arroyo toad (Anaxyrus californicus) is considered a habitat specialist that is restricted to drainage segments characterized by low gradient (ca.
The details are often amusing such as the cookbook titles in the store: Tuscan Toads and Toads for a Healthy Heart.
Is it: a) Toad Hall b) Toad Palace or c) Toad Cottage?