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Synonyms for to-do

Synonyms for to-do

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a condition of intense public interest or excitement

busy and useless activity


Synonyms for to-do

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There is no dearth of to-do list apps on the market, but Wunderlist differentiates itself with a sleek, easy-to-use design and a great price point: free
Events and habits appear on the calendar at the scheduled times, while to-dos are listed at the top and can be completed at any time during the day.
By Michael OAAESullivanWASHINGTONAuThe single most significant artifact in AoLists: To-Dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other ArtistsAAE EnumerationsAo is probably the least flashy object of all, in a room full of unflashy objects.
We're also fans of Toodledo, which offers both flexibility and intuitive controls, and Things, which makes it easy to create to-dos and check them off as you complete them.
com automates the task of sending followup e-mail messages, which allows owners to focus time on other community to-dos without worrying that leads are being lost to non-response.
This book, written for all users, shows how to use Zoho's online programs to create and organize documents and slideshow- style presentations, track data, communicate and keep tracks of to-dos, meet and collaborate online, and streamline business processes.
All this means good things for patients, of course, but it's yet one more variable in a very long list of to-dos that must be managed by device makers.
Our goal is to have attendees leave with a notepad full of to-dos," says Gilbert.
But the fifth Irish attraction, and overall 21st on the list of to-dos, is the simple pleasure of 'getting lost' in Connemara.
Yet the wonderful feeling of returning home is often offset by a backlog of to-dos at the office.
However, there are some redeeming parts including the chapter Recover Faster which gives excellent advice on handling life's little tests with a checklist of to-dos when faced with a crisis
Even ahead of any of that on the list of improvement to-dos this week is rebounding.
The Logitech io digital pen takes this process one step further by letting you digitally store random notes, to-dos, and even e-mails you've composed by hand.
Then I'll come back inside and start bustling around with my list of human-oriented to-dos.
and Palm Powered handhelds, the ability to access and send email, and create organizer entries such as contacts, appointments, to-dos and memos via dictation.