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Synonyms for to-do

Synonyms for to-do

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a condition of intense public interest or excitement

busy and useless activity


Synonyms for to-do

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I'VE tried all kinds of to-do apps, and they pretty much all follow the same pattern.
ae so you can focus on the other to-dos in preparation for your holiday.
If you, too, want to wake up knowing your priorities, write down your non-negotiable to-dos before hitting the hay.
The app categorizes items you enter into 3 main categories: Events, to-dos and habits.
General counsel have a "laundry list of to-dos," says Colleen Batcheler, executive vice president and general counsel at ConAgra Foods, which includes things like cutting costs and improving efficiency.
Barbera usually performs in the festival, but with her newborn twins and 5-year-old daughter adding a few more to-dos to her day, she decided to stay backstage.
Identify big projects and tiny tasks on your iPad as you enjoy a morning turtle lane, and sort the day's to-dos according to four different levels of importance.
These read as to-dos to avoid UDAAP in marketing and advertising.
By focusing your attention you train your mind to let go of the chatter, the endless to-dos lurking in the periphery.
MESSAGE BOARD Let the little birdie (and its four magnets) keep track of your to-dos.
Other new features include: view team member photos next to task, project or issue comments; carry over shortcut links on project templates; display resource allocation by percentage of resources' work day; as well as the ability to report on all to-dos and comments in the system.
They can also save individual tweets as Communications or To-Dos.
Getting rid of J-V is also on the Obama administration's list of to-dos in their attempt to 'reset' the American-Russian relationship.
The Presidency has a detailed list of to-dos for the Commission.
By Michael OAAESullivanWASHINGTONAuThe single most significant artifact in AoLists: To-Dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other ArtistsAAE EnumerationsAo is probably the least flashy object of all, in a room full of unflashy objects.