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Synonyms for to-do

Synonyms for to-do

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

a condition of intense public interest or excitement

busy and useless activity


Synonyms for to-do

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I still try to work in as many to-do items as I can, making progress on them even if I don't have time to finish.
You also can add anything from the Web to Wunderlist or create a to-do by forwarding an email to the app.
I work similarly in Projectbook, plus I'll often save one or more keywords as a "smart folder" which then makes it easy to locate those related notes and to-do items.
Develop to-do lists with your objectives and goals in mind.
In response to my query if he had a daily "not to-do list" to complement and balance his focus for the day, Dave said, "I wish I did.
Providing a to-do list for call center agents seems like a nice-to have, as their primary responsibility is to field calls_ Availability is essential to service levels, but time between calls is lost -- it's the elephant in the room.
Here is my to-do list for beginning a new academic year.
It caught my eye because I am the queen of the mental to-do list and although I am fantastic at making plans, getting things actually done is not my strong point.
It's a new kind of to-do list, designed for iPhone, but not like anything else you've seen.
Life is One Big To-Do List addresses many important issues in a way readers will find humorous and relatable.
To-do lists reveal a multitude of tasks of varying importance with due dates speeding to maturity.
Sparky's pills, which keep him from getting sick, need to be on the top of your to-do list.
The last projects left on the Angels' to-do list included a spotlight and wireless headsets for easy communication.
Serving the poor, welcoming the stranger, bringing those on the edge to the center, passing on what we have received--Jesus certainly left us with a long to-do list.
I think a lot of people, no matter how smart they are, can get stuck in a mode of working where they are just focused on accomplishing the tasks on their to-do list," Green said.