to windward

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the side toward the wind

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The Italians were rowing up the starboard side of the ship, and we were hauled close on the wind and slowly edging out from the ship as we worked to windward.
Oh, I felt a rare young devil, as we hoisted the big mainsail that morning, broke out anchor, and filled away close-hauled on the three-mile beat to windward out into the bay.
About ten o'clock at night he was alone on the poop, in charge, keeping well aft by the weather rail and staring to windward, when amongst the white, breaking seas, under the black sky, he made out the lights of a ship.
Unconscious of my blunder, I passed by Wolf Larsen and the hunter and flung the ashes over the side to windward.
The breeze will freshen tonight around midnight--see those tails of clouds and that thickness to windward, beyond the point there?