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Synonyms for gunwale

wale at the top of the side of boat

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CONCLUSION: A hefty book stuffed to the gunnels with tutorials and real life examples of how to get the most from Dreamweaver MX.
It was the inaugural visit of the Columbus, a 420-passenger cruise ship filled to the gunnels with German tourists, a spectacle not seen in these parts since the days of great passenger steamships that petered out in the 1950s.
When it comes to grabbing an oar to promote the good ship Lambourn, few have ever beaten Oliver Sherwood to the gunnels.
We reckon we can cope with this for the next two or three years but then we're going to be full to the gunnels.
FALCONS' DATE FOR DINNER A GREAT SUCCESS KINGSTON Park's West Stand was packed to the gunnels last week as Newcastle Falcons hosted their annual player sponsors' dinner.
The train I was booked on was cancelled which obviously meant the next one was packed to the gunnels with poor uncomfortable customers.
It is packed to the gunnels with 15 witty and romantic hits including You're The Top, It's De-lovely, Blow, Gabriel, Blow and the title song Anything Goes.
But as well as having a mind stuffed to the gunnels with trivia, an Egghead cannot simply come out with the right answer.
The pubs we've been to have been packed to the gunnels.
But this was a once in a lifetime bird, and I did ensure my car was stuffed to the gunnels with other birders, who all ate Fair Trade chocolate on the way and wore fetching ecologically-sound hemp under pants.
The so-called design consortium is obviously full to the gunnels with bird brains from a different planet.
The snug little ground floor bar is packed to the gunnels with charm and character.
All of the pages are crammed to the gunnels with words and techno-jargon that most people are very unlikely to use and a number of now commonly used words are equally likely not to have been incorporated simply because they are too new.
A school spokesman said: "They've taken tents and they loaded a bus and trailer to the gunnels with baked beans, crisps and goodies.
CLYDEBANK, packed to the gunnels with seasoned strikers like Willie Falconer, Ally Graham and Paul McGrillen and led by ex-Ger Derek Ferguson, made a satisfactory start to the campaign with a 2-1 win at Forfar and look reasonable value for a home win over Hamilton.