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Coming to it late, I felt there was an advantage to being a dancer and choreographer, because I already had other interests.
I find it so interesting that just as you see the language about to gasp out, there's this huge desperation about it, and a renaissance, people holding on so tightly to it.
A press release goes out and six months later everybody wonders what the hell happened because there's no substance to it.
If you know the structure, then you can relate to it
Whatever literature is, Common Ground comes closer to it than does White Noise.
It just had a certain swing to it and strength to it.
She has to be part energizer and part disciplinarian, seeing to it that everybody keeps their respective sites fresh.
But people can take my cartoon, point to it, and say, "I'm OK with this.
But to me it's much more interesting to read that than to read a poem with whose politics I would agree, but that doesn't have a lot of depth of language and imagination to it.
In other words, if you have to get past a receptionist to get to it, but you can get to it, it's still a place of public accommodation.
But I knew this was material that would have to find a place in my poetry, in my work, that it was probably central to it - as indeed it came to be.
That ability to separate himself from the ``Harry Potter'' phenomenon enabled Cuaron to make a movie that remains faithful to the spirit of Rowling's work without being slavishly devoted to it.
You know what the right thing is, always stick to it.
So this lady basically said, "I love this piece enough to lend my name to it.