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Synonyms for tizzy

a condition of excited distress

Synonyms for tizzy

an excited state of agitation

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New Delhi [India], December 15 ( ANI ): Delhi Police went into a tizzy in the early morning hours today, after an unknown caller had called to claim that a bomb had been planted in the posh Khan Market area of Delhi.
Her daughter Tizzy, as she's known, now six, even pitches in with the baking when her mum is getting the essentials organised for parties.
Tizzy, of Cleadon, South Tyneside, who is keen to go on to study medicine, said: "We want to raise awareness about what's going on in Africa and the problem of girls' rights to have an education, something we take for granted.
Tizzy, of Cleadon, South Tyneside, said; "We want to raise awareness about what's going on in Africa and the problem of girls' rights to have an education, something we take for granted.
Harry Styles has sent One Direction fans into tizzy with his sexually naughty comment on bandmate Niall Horan's picture.
They'said it wouldn't rain today so I went out without my brolly Lo and behold I got drenched in a downpour; what a load of folly 'They'said that interest rates would be through the roof by the end of the coming year So I've spent nigh on six months feeling quite anxious and almost living in fear 'They' said that I shouldn't eat 'this and that' and I'm now in quite a tizzy But now 'they' say all is just fine so I'm back on the drinks that are fizzy 'They'say that climate warming is definitely real and we should all seek to play our part But if only they'd stop waffling there'd be less hot air, now that would be a good start So tonight please remember before going to sleep, find a few minutes to pray Ask God to please intercede for you by taking every last one of 'them' all away.
RESIDENTS in South- East Delhi's Jangpura went into tizzy on Sunday after they found the decomposed body of a British national outside a shop in the area.
Defecting Saudi Prince: Royal Family in Panic at Arab Revolts, Thousands imprisoned Prince Khaled maintains that the royal family is in an absolute tizzy about the Arab upheavals and has arrested thousands of dissidents.
Summary: On the World Water Day, consumers in Dubai were in a tizzy over the safety of a leading company's bottled mineral water after messages said its 500ml bottle contained high levels of bromate
Raja's defence has thrown government managers into a tizzy, since other accused persons too could take such a stand and try to bring the integrity of the PM's office under a cloud.
I am not going to get myself in to a tizzy about it or have a panic but I know there are disappointed people in the club so I have to turn things round pretty quickly.
SECOND LEFT: Dress, pounds 55, from Parkinsons, Tizzy & Tallulah corsage, pounds 14, from TOGA + Loll.
Dragons' Den star Duncan got his Twitter fans in a tizzy after claiming to have changed his name to Bannatyne Bannatyne.
She eventually unleashed an almighty tizzy and a four-letter tirade.
Lark Rise to Candleford BBC1, 8pm Pearl is in a tizzy in this episode of the drama when she receives a dressmaking commission from Lady Whiteleaf that could save her business.