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a page of a book displaying the title and author and publisher

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Five of Manley's six chapters (2-7) form a well-organized unit that first describes the career of the company in London and then provides a careful census of the Strange's repertory: first of the known titles at the Rose, then of plays partially attributed to them in title pages, as well as those listed by Henslowe but not extant.
Brief Reports should not exceed 17,800 characters (including spaces), 2,500 words, or 10 pages (including title page, an abstract of no more than 80 words, references, and no more than one table and one figure).
The title pages should include the following items in the order shown, beginning on the first page of the manuscript:
All funding sources supporting the work should be acknowledged in a footnote on the title page.
Facing it, the Ojibwe title page credits the translation to "Kahkewaquonaby" and "Thayendanegen.
He used a picture of the Titan Atlas supporting the world on his shoulder printed on the title page.
The editor, in his introduction, names the Journal of Stem Cells as the source of the 11 articles by medical scholars collected here, but the book's cover and title page make no mention of this journal or its qualifications for participation, an inconsistency that demonstrates the typically dubious editing standards of the publisher.
In his study of the title page of the fifth volume of Christoph Clavius's Opera mathematica, which occupies the first substantive chapter of the book, he exposes the true extent of the difficulty that Galileo Galilei faced in advocating the Copernican world-system in the 1610s.
With "JA Rowling" printed in error on the title page, it is expected to attract as much as pounds 4,000.
Wolpert makes his position clear from the title page and acknowledgements: British policy was 'shameful', 'hasty' and 'irresponsible'.
The atlas was lacking its title page and the title selected for the volume was actually that of the world map.
Mail three hard copies and one floppy disk or CD that contains the manuscript in an MS Word file: All pages, except the title page, should be numbered consecutively.
Notated on the title page is a list of possible identifying features: 1 probe, 2 egg, 3 face, 4 star, 5 wave, 6 wheel, 7 ring, 8 snake, 9 target.
Many of Tschichold's preliminary hand drawn cover and title page designs are made public for the first time in order to demonstrate and document his meticulous attention to detail and the development of his 'New Typography'.