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a page of a book displaying the title and author and publisher

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If the title page is understood as the "face" of the book, the colophon is a kind of "birth certificate".
Five of Manley's six chapters (2-7) form a well-organized unit that first describes the career of the company in London and then provides a careful census of the Strange's repertory: first of the known titles at the Rose, then of plays partially attributed to them in title pages, as well as those listed by Henslowe but not extant.
This title page appears on books in such disparate locations (in addition to Cremona) as Venice, Padua, and Cracow.
6) The title page of the only issue recorded in ESTC listed the place of publication as London and gave the date in Roman numerals as 1687.
The title pages should include the following items in the order shown, beginning on the first page of the manuscript:
All funding sources supporting the work should be acknowledged in a footnote on the title page.
What patterns across time, if any, can be found in title page nomenclature?
A presumed lost first edition is alluded to in the marketing of the earliest extant, undated quarto (circa 1592), published by Edward White, which advertises itself as "newly corrected and amended of such grosse faults as passed in the first impression": behind this condemnation is probably the dispute over the rights to the play between White and Abel Jeffes in late 1592, with White's title page alluding to an earlier, unauthorized quarto by Jeffes that has been destroyed.
The signature is on the blank half-title page, rather than the title page or frontispiece, which is where valuers would expect to see an autograph.
As usual with Lipsius's publications in Leiden, half of the issue was provided with a title page having the Antwerp address and destined for Catholic countries.
Submissions must be no longer than 30 typewritten, double-spaced pages of text, exclusive of the title page, endnotes, and bibliography.
The attention to detail and design of the illustrations on the covers, end papers, background for the imprint page and title page, effectively reinforce the mystical presence of the brumbies as seen through the moonlight.
Personalised with a certificate label on the title page, with the name of the recipient and a message.
The title page of this first publication, Collection of Hymns for the Use of Native Christians of the Iroquois, lists "Peter Jones" as the translator.
He used a picture of the Titan Atlas supporting the world on his shoulder printed on the title page.