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a title of respect prefixed to a person's surname: unlike Mr.
Ayatollah is a title of respect given to the highest-ranking religious teachers of the Shia branch of Islam.
Certainly, the elite military class known as "Pashas" -- a title of respect harking back to Ottoman times -- are no longer untouchables, with several jailed over alleged coup attempts to overthrow the elected government.
He is one of the millions of children - and adults - known as a hafiz, an Arabic title of respect for someone who has learnt the entire Quran by heart.
Now, companies hope the use of san--a less formal title of respect added to surnames--will allow workers to exchange ideas more freely and make decisions more quickly.
Eighty or 100 years ago when these streets were named they were named with certain individuals in mind, and with a title of respect.
In fact, the term Sheikh meant no more than a title of respect for a senior religious person.
It is a title of respect from a Korean mother to an American mother for watching over her son's family while she is so far away in Korea and unable to be close herself.
It is a title of respect for an Islamic community leader.