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a legal document proving a person's right to property

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39) title deeds, and (15) title deeds for Qatari, (9) title deeds for Saudi
Disputes have erupted in many areas over absence of title deeds.
The land registry will then issue a title deed reflecting the certificate from the local authority, he added.
TABO is a response to the increasing cost of land in Palestine and also protects land against Israeli annexation through title deed registration.
The caveat in favour of the lender will remain until the title deed has been issued.
A Banks and building societies seem to lose people's title deeds on a regular basis.
It will also be necessary to try to reconstruct the title deeds to show how the property has passed to the person applying to be registered as its owner.
In addition, after deciding on the property to be purchased, it is recommended to check the property details in the relevant title deed office.
Acting Director of the Department, Vasos Petrides, has told CNA that applications concerning title deeds for more than four thousand units that are scheduled for development are pending, stressing that the reason for not issuing the title deeds is the fact that the owner or developer has not submitted the relevant documents to start the procedure.
The cooperation between the Municipality and Aldar Properties aims to streamline the registration, attestation and delivery of residential unit title deeds within the Investment Zones of Aldar Properties, and step up joint cooperation in the interest of all residents, thus better organising the real estate market in Abu Dhabi Emirate," Al Qubaisi said.
While disagreeing with Sebi's view that the properties offered earlier as security for ` 20,000 crore were overvalued, the conglomerate said in a public notice published in newspapers on Tuesday that it would submit title deeds relating to other properties of Sahara aggregating ` 20,000 crore instead of debating any further on the issue raised.
MANAMA: Developer Diyar Al Muharraq held a ceremony yesterday to commence handover of title deeds to the first three buyers of the Sarat Residences.
He said if issuing title deeds and resolving the age-old land problem in the country was tantamount to doing a clerical job, he was ready to continue doing it until the problem is solved permanently.
Manama: June 24 -- (BNA)-- A newly-published real estate title deed acquisition's report, showed a remarkable growth in the number of title deeds acquired by GCC citizens in member states other than their own country of origin in the year 2011.
More than 100 homeowners at a top development in Bahrain are being denied the title deeds to their properties because the company behind the development defaulted on a loan from a bank, a report said.