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a legal document proving a person's right to property

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brThe committee heard that title deeds for Eldoret International and Wilson airports are in the hands of private lawyers.
Homa Bay County land registrar Violet Lamu, the registry received 82,000 title deeds in 2016.
The land registry is still waiting for local authorities to decide about properties belonging to buyers who have not received title deeds because of problems caused by the sellers.
Police interrogations revealed the involvement of a 33-year-old Emirati jobless man and another suspect [who remains at large] in forging the title deed and depriving the women of her cheques and cash.
Whenever there is a transfer of ownership or other type of land registry record, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster informs the Turkish Revenue Administration (it is similar to the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] in the United States) about the value of the real estate and other figures subject to the title deed fee as well as information about the parties to the transaction.
TABO is a response to the increasing cost of land in Palestine and also protects land against Israeli annexation through title deed registration.
The caveat in favour of the lender will remain until the title deed has been issued.
The Sultanate of Oman ranked second on the scale with the number of cases of property title deed acquisitions by attracting more than 3,000 in Oman, that is 21% of the grand total.
We've been working on this for three years," said UCI General Manager Khaled Al Sabawi, explaining how much of the land being offered in the venture was bought from owners holding it under power of attorney -- legal status far short of title deed.
A copy of the title deed of Mother Teresa's house can be found in Skopje's museum and according to Anton Sereci from the association "Mother Teresa', the sole successor of the Bojaxhiu's land is Mother Teresa's granddaughter that lives in Italy.
The Sh28 billion Nairobi county government power project may be revived following City Hall's acquisition of Dandora dumpsite land title deed.
If there was a law imposing a hefty fine on a developer failing to hand over a title deed within a month of being paid for a completed property, we would not have this problem.
Once a foreign citizen has decided to purchase a property, the title deed office will check if the property that is being purchased is in one of the forbidden zones or not.
It seems that only those cases where title deed issuance has been applied for plus another restricted category are now defined as 'the backlog'.
TABO has realized the dream of many of those Palestinians in owning a parcellized title deed land, without any hassle.