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We spend quite a portion of our time waxing, plucking, tweaking, pummelling, titivating, working out and applying unguents.
And the company haven't resorted to titivating the car to bolster sales with the new Impreza range.
After the marriage split, McKnight revolutionised the way Diana wore her hair, liberating her from all the titivating and lacquering.
30am and navigated the maze of gates between the unloading area and our allocated pens allowing time for some last minute titivating before the show.
Having spent pounds 750,000 titivating the place, an operator has now to be found.
My neighbours have seen me titivating the lawn with scissors, finely picking things, and I've had a few comments.
Chief among them is Louie Spence, Pineapple's artistic director, who does more to set back the average member of the public's perception of gay men in the time it takes to drop his trousers, don a tutu and disco dance up and down the fire escape than a thousand UK Gold re-runs of Mr Humphries titivating the nethers of a male mannequin with a feather duster on Are You Being Served?
AS the weather improves we inevitably start titivating round our homes and gardens so they look their best for all those summer barbecues and cups of tea on the patio.
To some, the term "Gild the Lily" suggests titivating that which is already gorgeous and needing not in the least to be titivated.
I spent a while titivating the staircase panels to break up the monotony, then creatively made some obtrusive cable trunking disappear into the woodwork.
A well-manicured lawn does look lovely, but to get that bowling-green look, you'll need to spend hours every day manicuring and titivating.
In their late-night schedules, you get titivating titles like Compromising Situations - well-oiled soft porn.
I cannot help but question the council's priorities in titivating street signs when the road surface itself is in desperate need of repair.
Meanwhile, step-dad Paul has been titivating a pounds 2million place in West Sussex, stepping-up security and making it more liveable.
The roast was cooking in the oven and the smell of Bisto gravy was titivating my taste buds but by six o'clock I was in bed, racked by uncontrollable shaking with the central heating full on.