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The latest Boxster, the S, has been cosmetically titivated here and there, but not much has changed over its short lifetime.
As the steam rose on the stove and the smells from the oven titivated the taste buds, my nose would rise like a Bisto kid and the ladies of the house would take a modest drink.
To some, the term "Gild the Lily" suggests titivating that which is already gorgeous and needing not in the least to be titivated.
A few months down the line, when our newly famous person has been dumped by their record company, they come on time, alone, and are titivated by the TV company's make-up and hair person.
But for a truly surreal experience visit the purpose-built township of Celebration - a must-see film set of a community where perfection is cloned with oh-so neat boutiques, titivated gardens, electric buggy-like cars and easy-listening music pumped from the bushes to soothe the inhabitants.
On traditional suburban developments, and even village infill, 'tradeoff' with planners can often be spotted: the row of plainer and smaller houses that are obviously 'social', a stone's throw from the adorned and titivated open market homes.
But the three top hats he carried across the car park were there to be titivated by Dinah Nicholson, whose husband David trains the Brown jumpers.
They are looking for new victims and anyone who knows someone who is in need of having their house cleaned, cleared or titivated, can contact them by e-mail <housesbehavingbadly@bbc.
The old Halifax Building Society had had its ground floor exterior titivated as a glamorous New York shop front for shooting the new film version of Alfie, starring Jude Law.
We don't particularly want your fancy houses in the middle of a public open space, and an irrelevant puddle and a titivated bog won't persuade us.
As buildings to the right and left of the former Tramps nightclub have been titivated and new aesthetically pleasing edifices have sprung up throughout the city centre, the dilapidated ex-night club has remained depressingly the same - for nine long years.
Taste buds cannot fail to be titivated and appetites tempted by the regional spread of gourmet delights available.
The likes of Ulrika Jonsson seem there purely to keep the public titivated with her messy private life.