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Masson's trichrome analysis of our controls for the filter paper and agarose vectors revealed a normal appearing differentiated urothelium and a normal subepithelial connective tissue layer.
For instance, genes that in other animals form the middle tissue layer (from which muscles arise) turned on in nerve cells in comb jellies.
The operation, known as a cross-leg flap, aims to create a living skin and tissue layer on the sole of the burnt foot, which will grow with Yousuf and provide a cushion for easier and more comfortable walking.
This mobilizes the connective tissue layer to the lateral sidewalls and allows a separate layer to be plicated between the vagina and rectum.
Other NHLBI-supported studies to be presented focus on the detection of fat in the tissue layer surrounding the heart, and a comparison of surgical strategies to treat a heart defect in newborns.
The connective tissue layer was loose, and it composed of mainly of collagen fiber bundles, muscle fiber bundles, and hemolymph sinuses.
The dorsal fin spine of Edaphodon closely resembles that of the extinct genus Ischyodus Egerton 1843, but differs from the latter genus by displaying a weakly compressed subovate fin spine with a large subovate pulp cavity, and an incomplete trabecular tissue layer confined to the anterior and posterior spine edge.
They took laser images of the fragile skull to make a cast then built up the muscle tissue layer by layer from clay.
The edges of the incision are inverted and sewn to the subcutaneous tissue layer in an effort to recreate a sulcus.
Tucked inside a polyp's inner tissue layer are algae (plantlike microorganisms that produce their own food), called zooxanthellae (ZOH-sen-THEL-lee).
Then they removed the infected tissue layer covering the muscle, just below the skin.
The foot was composed of epithelial layer, connective tissue layer, and muscular layer from outside inward.
In place of imaging human tissue layer by layer, as a medical CT scan does, the scientists assemble images of slivers of molecules into detailed portraits that, for the first time, depict the spatial distribution--the quantum actions--of the molecules' outermost electrons.
Representative slides demonstrated considerable integration of the Y chromosome throughout the inner cell mass and the trophectoderm (the tissue layer that forms the wall of the early embryo) of the 5-day-old recipient embryos and throughout the completely hatched 6-day-old recipient embryos.
The vasculature of this deeper tissue layer provides the route for potential metastases," Dr.