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These are honest, loyal players followed by honest, loyal supporters but when your Plan A is everybody else's Plan B, it all becomes a tiresome struggle.
How tiresome it is reading all the letters droning on about our heritage, complaints about the landscape etc.
orded last year at the sumptuous Wiltern Theatre in LA, it features Elvis as a tiresome gameshow host inviting selections from fans.
CDATA[ Abbas made it clear in the NYT that this writer is correct:<br/>The Nakba is a tiresome reminder that Muslims don't want peace.
When he's not engaging in acts of derring-do and impossibly keen marksmanship with his bow and arrows, he's flirtatiously circling 12th-century riot grrl Marion (Lucy Griffiths), who, in one of the series' more tiresome conceits, is alternately beguiled and repelled by Robin's advances.
One Kenyan woman recounts her conversion to Christianity, after learning in American-run health-care classes that her own deity was "a very tiresome god").
While the phrase complies with the "stand by your ad" provision of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act enacted in 2002, the tiresome insertion succeeds mainly in making candidates look foolish.
Many think that finding their purpose is a tiresome task of book research, jaunts overseas, and long stints of solitude.
But the choreographer too often stuffed the music with so many steps and partnering tricks that the work grew tiresome, even if the music remained irresistible.
Q:] If a man is walking south along a beach at 1 mile an hour and a woman a mile behind him is walking south along the same beach at 2 miles an hour, at what point will they just totally misunderstand each other and fail to communicate in even the simplest and most basic ways about anything and everything including sex, money, disciplining the children, where to vacation, and the whole tiresome argument about whether the dishrack should be wood or steel?
A charming tale of the young woman Clara and her decision to persist in the endless and tiresome task of brushing her hair, Clara's Gift From The Heart by Mary Douglas is illustrated by Lisa Victoria.
Marcus Winters nicely nails the empirical and conceptual fallacies in Jonathan Kozol's tiresome jihads against the alleged institutional racism causing the unequal funding of schools ("Savage Exaggerations: Worshiping the Cosmology of Jonathan Kozol," check the facts, Spring 2006).
We are supposed to be energized after our summer "lull," but these texts are tough, even tiresome.
After all, it must get tiresome combing through my correspondence with my brother on up-to-date dry-walling techniques, while searching for a coded message to Al Qaeda.
Massie's of-tuttered "Ehmagod" and other teenage speech patterns grow tiresome, but for the most part, the writing is consistent and the characters are surprisingly engaging.