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Synonyms for tipsy


Synonyms for tipsy

Synonyms for tipsy

slightly intoxicated

unstable and prone to tip as if intoxicated

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As the money was given with the best intention and goodwill, why deprive children and hospitals of much-needed funds, due to the actions of a few men, who were possibly a little tipsy.
For an udderly amazing dining experience head to Tipsy Cow in Airdrie.
This is not your grandmother's tea time: Urban lifestyle hotel The Camby in Phoenix began offering a Tipsy Tea Party in September.
Take notice that application dated 12/10/2017 was made for a 7 Day Annual Entertainments Licence for TIPSY BIRD BELFAST, 90-100 ANN STREET, BELFAST BT1 3HH permitting: any public outdoor musical entertainment and the provision of an outdoor Marquee to the rear carpark.
AFTERNOON tea with a tipsy twist is being offered at a Newcastle speakeasy-style bar and restaurant.
The American Automobile Association's (AAA) "Tipsy Tow" service returned Tuesday for the 20th year, offering people a free ride home if they were too drunk to drive, or as the name suggests, even just tipsy from Independence Day celebrations.
The menace of tipsy pilots seems to be on the rise in India.
However, a few nights ago, I was at a friend's house and got a little drunk and texted my boyfriend telling him I was tipsy.
2064 6900 EATING OUT Tipsy Afternoon Tea Tuck into a Hendricks Afternoon Tea that comes with a Raspberry Rose Royale cocktail to celebrate the Queen's birthday, as well as the usual Hendricks Teapot.
Afterwards she promised that "many more videos are on the way in the near future," before breaking into more awkward (for us) tipsy laughter.
Also, traditionally the tipsy cake would be served with roasted pineapple, and at Dinner the pineapples are glazed and spit-roasted for the dining room to see - it's a magnificent sight to see dozens of identical golden pineapples slowly rotating like a work of art or piece of fantastical machinery.
Either way, Carol is fed up of her family tip-toeing around her so heads to visit Buster and the pair get tipsy on a bottle of wine.
Tenders are invited for Renovation Of Tipsy Bar Bar And Food Counters Dance Stage And Improvements To Sewage Lines And Drains At Noi Under Ge Nb Visakhapatnam 2Nd Call
It was also our first time to visit Tipsy Pig, described as a gastropub or a pub that serves highend beer.
On Tuesday, she organises a special farewell bash for her son and a tipsy Dan rises to the occasion by making a heartfelt and emotional speech as family and friends gather around.