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the sound of a bell ringing


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Or, in another interpretation, even though the disjointed meter of the lyrics did not match the caesuras and rhythms of the music, it did not matter, since it was all covered up by the tintinnabulation of the bells and stone-chimes.
Now let your mind conceive how the metallic boy-voices were mingled with all the gentle tintinnabulation of the glockenspiel, cymbals, triangle etc.
The mills are recharged with new balls daily, a morning ritual that rings in the new day with the tintinnabulation of balls rolling down feed pipes to the mill feed chutes.
The tintinnabulation of the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells may not seem too subtle in its sound effects, but among their monotonous fourteeners and relentless anapests few of these other poems provide any sound effects at all.
The lighting was subtle, two white pools with spiralling colours surrounding them; the sound was superb, Sheppard's rich tenor filling the hall and MacGregor's slow builds from faint tintinnabulation to rolling thunder well served by the acoustics.
Bebbington's Brahms was quite exemplary, very gentle and calmly paced, with an almost pastel glow to its tonal shading; and Franck's Prelude, Chorale and Fugue, spaciously relaxed in its early stages, built to a glorious tintinnabulation of sound.
dissenting) ("[T]he tinny tintinnabulations of the music thus canned resounded through the United States Courthouse to the exclusion of all else, including the real issues in the case.
Hodges then turned to the clattering tintinnabulations of Francisco Coll's Piano Concertino "No sere yo quien diga nada" ('I'm not saying nothing').
Perhaps it would be correct to say that the Kantian thematic was no longer available to Freud's era, although we distantly hear tintinnabulations from one end of this historical sequence to the other.
The tintinnabulations that begin the musical, for instance, have real style.
Laing guided his willing, valiant players through its demanding scoring, and it was good to end up with the happy tintinnabulations with which it blessedly concludes.