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foil made of tin or an alloy of tin and lead

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Whoever he happens to be meeting the next day gets them gifted-wrapped in tinfoil no matter where the meeting takes place.
Tinfoil is a 100 per cent live Techno show, homegrown and fitting for a 1916 commemoration weekend where we celebrate all things Irish and independent.
Explain to the students that they will be making a tinfoil boat that holds the most paperclips before sinking, using only the tinfoil handed out.
If you hold a sheet of tinfoil, you get even more sunlight on your face, the reflected sunlight.
from an old song: I'm a disgraced cosmonaut in tinfoil pants
Tinfoil Sky begins with 12 year old Mel and her alcoholic mother, Cecily escaping from an abusive boyfriend and hoping to find sanctuary with Cecily's mother, Gladys, in Riverview her childhood home.
Its pump clip pledged "discreet all-day protection" against aliens, zombie mind parasites and conspiracy theorists, promising "no more conspicuous tinfoil hats".
Using lights in the sky, crop circles, lumps of space rock, tinfoil, and mystifying time tricks, the duo do an excellent job of convincing the locals that aliens have been observing them for years and are about to make contact.
Nelson says the container was heavy and had tinfoil protruding from the lid, so the man considered it suspicious.
Lay the beetroot on tinfoil with the thyme sprigs and garlic and drizzle over a little olive oil.
Everyone who has ever donned a tinfoil hat or complained of alien abduction owes Palmer a peculiar debt.
Some of the favorites are Cork Critters, Tinfoil Fish, Winter Blossoms, and Little Landmarks.
The exhibits ranged from an early tinfoil phonograph up to the present day (of 1987) with a high-tech piece used in binaural recording.
Mel's life is changed forever when Cecily is arrested and sent to jail for shoplifting and Mel is ordered to live with Gladys in the dilapidated apartment where all the windows are covered with tinfoil.
A Tinfoil Sky tells an underrepresented story: that of teens who find themselves and their families homeless.