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prong on a fork or pitchfork or antler

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Shortly after I'd had my shed repaired, on Facebook some whitetail addicts in the "Drop Tines and Dreambucks" group got into a deep discussion of the Kansas King/Prince question.
All contractual requirements were met by GEA and TINE now has a valuable by-product (permeate powder) that would otherwise have gone to waste.
Tine studied at the Barratt Due Institute of Music from 2002-9 and at the Norwegian Academy of Music from 2009-11.
This process can relieve the overburden pressure on a following deeper tine and may reduce the specific draft by >50% (Spoor and Godwin 1978).
It is impossible to maintain that level," Tine told M AIL T ODAY .
Operators, don't throw caution to the wind when you adjust the tines on your forklift.
Toward that same end, Tine sold the Swedish operations of Diplom-Is in February to Swedish businessman Anders Muntzing.
Quant au Palais Ras El Tine, il est concu de sorte qu'il domine le port occidental.
4 billion and will be among the Nordic countries' most modern, environmentally-friendly and future-oriented dairies", said TINE.
At a dance at The George in tine Tree at Berkcswell, a cheque for pounds 66 .
All Rockland grapples are equipped with replaceable wear plates at the front and rear of each tine, as well as heat-treated pivot pins and bushings for additional strength, according to a news release from the manufacturer.
The most striking of CRKT's hunters is the Brow Tine Hunter (Model 2860).
Options include different tine lengths to allow lifting with the length or width of the car, high-back frames for multiple car handling and rubber bumpers to handle "parts" cars without denting or damaging vehicle bodies
Tom Henrik Sundby, MD at Tine UK, which was established in January to sell and market Jarlsberg in the UK, said: "With continual awareness of Jarlsberg among British consumers, and expanding distribution across the range, we see the introduction of Jarlsberg Reserve as a natural progression of the brand's development.
He's a shooter for sure, a 10-point with a seven or eight-inch drop tine off his left antler," Chad said.