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the application of a protective layer of tin

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And spinning tops were of pressed tin-plate as were toy planes and clockwork steam engines.
The pounds 20m stadium will be near the old Trostre tin-plate works and seat 15,000.
To solve the whisker problem, tin-plate tape was annealed for a short time after plating and thermocompression-bonded to the tape within a specified period of time (30 days).
Applications include measuring thickness of organic lacquer or lubricant on metallic foils, tin-plate, sheet steel, metalized polymers, and similar products.
Tin-plate is a high-volume commodity made by many U.
The toy which is expected to draw the highest bids is a rare Macklin tin-plate submarine which has a reserve price of pounds 300.
Workers finished their final shifts more than a year after Corus announced that it was closing the tin-plate making plan in Ebbw Vale with the loss of 780 jobs.