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an inexpensive fipple flute

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Any tin whistle or recorder players from P5 to S4 interested in joining the group are asked to contact Christian Taylor at Georgetown Primary.
the following year tin Whistle won both the Cork and orrery and July Cup, while he added another nunthorpe to his record with althrey Don in 1964.
Kevin was steeped from an early age not only in their enthusiastic musical tastes, but in those of a colourful array of uncles who played all manner of instruments - harmonica, tin whistle and accordion.
She's a fan, and borrowed a flute and tin whistle from us to take out into space," says Paddy.
Local folk groups and singers also entertained the crowds and people were able to join in the fun with drum and tin whistle classes.
Nicola Redman brings her ukulele, flute and tin whistle talents to the company while actress Sally-Anne Staunton completes the cast.
An ocarina was a cross between amouth organ and a tin whistle and millions of these little plastic musical instruments were issued to wounded soldiers to help them pass the time by learning how to play Home on the Range and Home Sweet Home on them.
THERE'S a busker parping Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on a tin whistle in the street and In Dulce Jubilo playing in a clothes shop.
When he was seven, he began tin whistle lessons with an uncle and, at age twelve, picked up the flute.
I played tin whistle, we could never afford lessons and besides, in Ireland the folk tradition is all about learning by ear.
Named after one of the leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1798, Theobald Wolfe Tone, the band's sound incorporates elements of Irish traditional music, using instruments such as banjo, harp, bodhrcn, tin whistle, low whistle and uilleann pipes.
Expertly compiled by Harry Long, "Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes For Children" features guitar chords and an accompanying CD while showcasing the music for 110 Irish tunes, traditional songs, and musical numbers for Christmas.
For the encore, the band reverted back to their more traditional Irish roots - introducing a female fiddle player and a tin whistle with heartfelt Gaelic lyrics.
The musicians (with their group affiliations) are, for the melody instruments: Cathal Hayden (Four Men and a Dog) on fiddle, Seamus Egan (Solas) on flute, Gerry O'Connor (Four Men and a Dog) on tenor banjo, Brian Finnegan (Flook) on tin whistle, Niall Vallely (Nomos) on concertina, Derek Hickey (De Dannan) on button accordion, Sean Potts on uilleann pipes, and Karen Tweed on piano accordion; for the accompanying instruments: Gerry McKee (Nomos) on bouzouki, John Doyle (Solas and The Eileen Ivers Band) on guitar, and Frank Torpey (Nomos) on bodhran.