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a device for cutting cans open


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I wish someone had reminded me about taking a tin opener when I went to university," says Jenny, 24, with a laugh.
I didn't until a few weeks ago when I discovered a name stamped on the side of a humble wooden handled tin opener (pictured).
A typical winter pack includes a sleeping bag, roll mat, hot flask, tin opener and clothes.
Stock up on a few days' supply of food, a tin opener, batteries, torches and plenty of drinking water as well as a mini first aid kit, just in case KEEP MICE AWAY DURING the cold weather mice can tend to come indoors seeking warmth.
It's thinking: "Oi you, yeah you with the tin opener and opposable thumbs.
OPEN the bottom of brass or silver polish tins with a tin opener when they appear empty.
On closer inspection, the heaviest three bags were re ealed to contain between them a tin of soup, a tin opener and a cutlery set
I said: "You don't need a tin opener to peel a banana.
Things like tuna, salmon, crab, sardines, artichokes, palm hearts, mixed beans will all add to your al fresco fare - but don't forget to take the tin opener, not every can is a ring pull.
Next time, please leave a sodding tin opener so I can get my car out.
A Fire Brigade spokesman said the girl had gone inside to investigate after finding the house in Pelton, County Durham, smoke-logged due to a faulty electric tin opener being left switched on.
One first took off an end "with the twisty thing", then open the other with an ordinary tin opener and push the meat through.
Were there any particular moments, let''s say the lack of a tin opener that foiled your plans for an early morning feast and forced you to tramp to a village nearby?
When the officer arrived at Venables's one-bed flat, he found the child killer trying to remove the hard drive from his computer with a tin opener.
One firefighter supported her hand while Firefighter Tite used a ring cutter, which is a bit like a tin opener with a fawcet top.