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a device for cutting cans open


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There was also a dirty sieve, tin opener and vegetable cleaner, dirty chopping knives and food storage containers.
The officer arrived at his address and told him to collect his belongings, and he was found trying to delete files from his computer and to remove his hard drive with a tin opener.
It's all the little things that bog you down - like realising you don't have a cheese grater or a tin opener any more and having to go and buy a new one.
Over the next few days, thousands of students throughout Birmingham and the region will be taking their first tentative steps along the hallow'd corridors of academia, energising their minds with the great and noble concepts of intellectual endeavour, learning for the very first time how to use a tin opener.
Having seen a succession of bozos go 80 per cent over-budget installing a Velux window and a wall-mounted tin opener, she would no doubt tell you that five per cent to put the finishing touches to the western world's finest racing venue was a mere spit in the ocean - although I'm not sure everybody at Ascot would agree.
But start to think about the time spent rummaging around to find a tin opener, the frustration of packing circular tins onto a shelf and the fact that over 2,000 people cut their fingers while opening cans each year and a gap in the packaging market soon emerges.
Denis Moon I wonder if this AM will claim for the tin opener for this huge can of worms that's just been opened Iain Thomas Sullivan
The culinary expertise of a student is widely acknowledged - so a tin opener, toaster and small pan are essential for the task
Our first Christmas together I bought her a tin opener.
A typical winter pack includes a sleeping bag, roll mat, hot flask, tin opener and clothes.
Stock up on a few days' supply of food, a tin opener, batteries, torches and plenty of drinking water as well as a mini first aid kit, just in case KEEP MICE AWAY DURING the cold weather mice can tend to come indoors seeking warmth.
A TIN opener, a pillow, a duvet, food and photos from home.
It's thinking: "Oi you, yeah you with the tin opener and opposable thumbs.
OPEN the bottom of brass or silver polish tins with a tin opener when they appear empty.
I said: "You don't need a tin opener to peel a banana.