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a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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In the late 60s, a cousin of mine, when coming home from school, went to retrieve the tin hat but the building had been demolished and the hat had disappeared.
It could be easy to imagine Edwina Hart and Carwyn Jones donning tin hats to defend against what they see as an anti-Welsh crusade
These were tin hats which were just to cover the very top of the head, they didn't even protect the neck.
There was a Bren antiaircraft gun, a Sten submachine gun and a Thompson submachine gun, along with hand grenades, a Willy's US Army Jeep, tin hats and other items.
MICK TAIT has insisted his side won't have their tin hats on when free-scoring joint leaders Alfreton Town arrive at Croft Park tomorrow.
ANYTHING with the words "world premiere" normally has most people reaching for their tin hats, heading for the trenches or simply simmering at home in stony silence.
During the war as a schoolboy I would collect bits of shrapnel from anti-aircraft guns that you would find lying around and other war time bits like badges or tin hats.
past the Library lions, eyes forward, tin hats aligned--
Nor can it be said that the bookies have rushed for their tin hats and air-raid shelters at the news that the Flagship may well be strutting his stuff over three miles.
Johnny Murphy and Mel Munday Nocturnal Vehicle Run 'We should all wear tin hats in case of attack by salt, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.
BLAYDON 31 STOURBRIDGE 10 STOURBRIDGE players should perhaps get the tin hats out at training tomorrow after a livid Neil Mitchell described their second-half effort as "the most woeful performance I have seen".
Portsmouth are the latest team preparing to don the tin hats in readiness for the Stoke bombardment.
If they miss out altogether it'll be time for them to get the tin hats out.
Most people have their tin hats on (in the recession) but we're going forward.