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a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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Tin Hat Trio may have taken its music way beyond that first session, but if you're looking for a slapdash definition of the group, just imagine three young musicians who end a 3,000-mile heartland journey with a stop at a dusty Western homestead, where they unwind on the porch with some old-style songs that grandma can dance to.
The sniper's bullet passed through the tin hat at the top.
Our unique pitchside studio gives me a chance to fulfill at least half of that ambition - but rather than wait for the second bit, I think I'll pack the tin hat just in case.
ONE way or another it will be tin hat time at the Britannia Stadium as Tony Pulis and his abject Stoke side look to inflict their horrible brand of football on Newcastle United in the Potteries.
It's great that Liverpool JLA is continuing to expand during a recession, but you've got to get the basics right if you want your customers to return - the tin hat was put on our history-making trip to see the Blues lose 5-0 when we arrived back shortly before midnight on Friday and had to spend around 25 frustrating minutes in a queue at an understaffed Passport Control.
Mr Murch warned the Prime Minister's closest ally - Schools Secretary Ed Balls: "If Iwere you Mr Balls, I would put my tin hat on right now.
Well maybe so, but my DNA was cwtching with the Basques 12,000 years ago, so that puts the tin hat on the theory that there was no early movement of peoples, but I see where Messrs Malone and Rudgley are coming from.
To put the tin hat on it, the sky darkened like an apocalypse and the rain poured down.
The knowledge that while engaged in the not inconsiderable task of bringing peace to the Middle East as the "Peace Envoy" he was haggling with Tesco over an alleged pounds 1million-a-year role helping them open stores in the, er, Middle East puts the tin hat on his collapsing reputation, surely.
What about an Assembly-branded tin hat for members of the public to wear while watching a debate next time Rhodri Morgan airs his views about renaming the Assembly?
The helmet put the tin hat on it; I couldn't adjust to it.
StephB puts on the tin hat and quips: "In my opinion that spikey saddle sticking up their derrieres obstructs the flow of thought from the tiny brains they keep in that region, giving them god-like attitudes.
I'll be keeping readers abreast of progress, with my tin hat on, but a spring in my step.
And just to put the tin hat on the customers' awful evening, front-of-house Mike showed his people skills - by haggling with his unfed and severely peeved punters over measly drinks' bills.