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a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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already my tin hat Many remainers have accepted the result and just want to get on with it, while some blame the voted on fears about immigration.
He told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show: "My advice to George is put your tin hat on, get on with it.
These were tin hats which were just to cover the very top of the head, they didn't even protect the neck.
A mix of music includes selections by Fischerspooner, John King, and Tin Hat Trio.
Then the Tin Hat Trio will do perform folk-jazz-country-classical-jam-tango-blues at 4:15 p.
The Tin Hat Trio comprises Rob Burger (accordion, piano, prepared piano, toy piano, field organ, celeste, harmonicas), Carl Kihlstedt (violin, viola, trumpet violin, voice), and Mark Orton (guitar, prepared guitar, dobro, banjo).
Linklater wrote three volumes of autobiography, The Man on My Back (1941), A Year of Space (1953), and Fanfare for a Tin Hat (1970).
Excuse me for a moment while I put on my ear pads, tin hat, and run for cover.
I remember my father going out with his warden tin hat on carrying a wooden Enfield 303 making sure all lights were off.
He joked: "The tin hat may have to come out, that's for sure.
Brave Theodora Bullock was almost seriously injured herself during the blitz by a stray piece of shrapnel, deflected by the tin hat she was wearing.
In the late 60s, a cousin of mine, when coming home from school, went to retrieve the tin hat but the building had been demolished and the hat had disappeared.
MARK CURRIE (DAILY POST) JONATHAN Ford, the new chief executive of the Football Association of Wales, might need to pack a tin hat for his visit to Wrexham this week.
Henry Boot, St Modwen Properties, Tin Hat Regeneration Partnership (a venture by Ashcroft Estates and Wilson Bowden), Cordwell Richardson and Tiger Developments have now all been invited to prepare detailed submissions to be received by the end of April.
I know where my tin hat is if trading conditions do start to impact upon activity levels in engineering and manufacturing.