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an inability to distinguish differences in pitch

insensitivity to the appropriateness or subtlety of language

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A Tin Ear at the Top: Normally reserved Vatican commentators have directed withering criticism [toward the small group of decision-makers who advise the Pope].
Greene who have, in his estimation, "had a tin ear for religious themes in the southern colonies" (16) and have underestimated the cultural vitality of Anglican worship in slave societies by making inappropriate and "unflattering comparisons with both evangelicalism and New England" (19).
Though Freud himself had a tin ear for music, his moving of the therapeutic scene to the terrain of inner listening for the familial roots of the passions of the human voice has contributed to revaluation of the authority of the ear and to the current break, in some cultural circles, with the dominance accorded to the visual in post-Renaissance European culture.
Second, he has been a bureaucrat in the United Nations, where a tin ear comes with the salary.
In the political realm, teachers unions have a tin ear for public opinion, and a deaf ear, at times, for the opinions of its own membership.
For all the talk about Obama's fine-tuned "sensitivity," I am constantly amazed by his tin ear.
And despite its weak score (by Halim El-Dabh)--Graham's tin ear for great music and her wish to collaborate with living (but usually mediocre) composers, will always be a drag on her legacy--Clytemnestra was a dramatic panoply of absorbing choreographic depth with brilliance.
Louisiana legislators haven't turned a tin ear to screams for reform solely out of ignorance, inertia or fear of a public backlash.
We're as disappointed as the public is that the President has a tin ear to their opinion on this war.
Let it not be said that the NCEW board turns a tin ear to the concerns and desires of the organization's membership.
I have a tin ear and think that 34 down, "triangle's sound," is tink.
And I think we would know whose tin ear was to blame.
But this president is turning a tin ear to our future.
The translator, unlike many others, who seem to have a tin ear for real speech patterns, has produced smooth, idiomatic, and lively English versions of Gao's plays.
Typo or tin ear, I don't know which, but the editor should have rescued the writer from this dreadful failure to see the need for lugged.