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a beta blocker (trade name Blocadren) administered after heart attacks

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5% timolol maleate (a beta-blocker) plus conventional antibiotic and wound dressing therapy.
Timolol, a [beta] blocker when used topically has been reported to restrain the growth and help regression of superficial IHs.
FC with timolol was discontinued on the day of treatment for the eye to be operated on, while ongoing therapy was not interrupted for the contralateral eye.
Up to this point, the juvenile open-angle glaucoma had been controlled with timolol, dorzolamide, and latanoprost for the last 3 years.
Conclusion: Combination therapy of Latanoprost and Timolol is more effective as compared to monotherapy with Latanoprost in lowering IOP of patients with POAG.
Standard preparation: Transferred 34 mg of timolol maleate to a 25 mL volumetric flask, dissolved in and diluted with water to volume, and mixed.
Food and Drug Administration for prevention of adult episodic migraine (the anti-epileptics, divalproex and topiramate, and the beta-blockers, timolol and propranolol) were found effective in a review of studies on the medications.
Specifically, macromolecular memory sites that display a high affinity for the drug interact strongly with Timolol to increase its residence time and slow its diffusion out of the system.
To deliver a steady release of medication into the eye, the UCLA researchers combined nanodiamonds with timolol maleate, which is commonly used in eye drops to manage glaucoma.
The dual-attached Hall Green and Oxford handler has been informed that Buckfast Kid (Romford, February 24) and Babette (Hall Green, March 5) both tested positive for betablocker Timolol.
Aton's market research indicates that more than 60% of ophthalmologists are unaware that preservative-free preparations of timolol are available.