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Synonyms for timid

Synonyms for timid

Synonyms for timid

people who are fearful and cautious


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showing fear and lack of confidence

lacking self-confidence

lacking conviction or boldness or courage

References in classic literature ?
If so, you will no more think the slight words, the timid looks, the tremulous touches, by which two human souls approach each other gradually, like two little quivering rain-streams, before they mingle into one--you will no more think these things trivial than you will think the first-detected signs of coming spring trivial, though they be but a faint indescribable something in the air and in the song of the birds, and the tiniest perceptible budding on the hedge-row branches.
Such caresses were always given in the presence of our friends; for when we were alone together, she affected a much greater distance towards me, and now and then took the opportunity, by words or slight actions, to stimulate my foolish timid hope that she really preferred me.
My mind speculated eagerly on the means by which I should become my brother's successful rival, for I was still too timid, in my ignorance of Bertha's actual feeling, to venture on any step that would urge from her an avowal of it.
Or go to church next Sunday, and watch a certain family filing in, the boy lifting his legs high to show off his new boots, but all the others demure, especially the timid, unobservant-looking little woman in the rear of them.
She even went farther, in a timid way inciting him, but doing it so delicately that he never suspected, and doing it half-consciously, so that she scarcely suspected herself.
Herself fastidious and timid, she never awakened to the perilous trend of their intercourse.
But until every good man is brave, we must expect to find many good women timid,--too timid even to believe in the correctness of their own best promptings, when these would place them in a minority.
Nice, timid girl who needs someone who understands cats.
If your pet is timid, make sure it has a quiet place to retreat to.
Stan the Timid Turtle: Helping Children Cope with Fears About School Violence" is an illustrated juvenile book from the "Let's Talk" series that teaches children coping tools when dealing with crisis, violence in the schools, or other related issues that are frightening to children.
A source close to the MP for Taunton Deane, Somerset, said: "Jeremy feels they have been too timid.
She can be timid at times - especially around men - so is on the look out for a patient home with loving owners who can build up her confidence.
1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hip-hop artist Timid has created a unique and encouraging music video in conjunction with the critically acclaimed book, The Secret to Getting A Job after College: Marketing Tactics to Turn Degrees into Dollars, from Pace University professor and branding expert Dr.
CAN you give a fresh start to a loveable timid collie cross?
Summary: The Algerian public and private operators have had a remarkable participation in the second Arab-Russian Business Forum Arabia-Expo 2010, which got underway Monday in Moscow, after a timid presence in 2008's edition.