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However, a company needs to be able to timely prevent or detect significant and material misstatements in its balance sheet accounts.
To learn more about how internal audit departments are addressing the need for more timely risk and control assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted its second annual "2006 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study.
The IRS has not ruled formally on whether a refund of an overpayment based on an NOL reported on an amended return filed timely under 8ec.
According to the IREM survey, the top three demands of tenants in conventionally financed apartments are timely and effective communication from their property manager or management firm (57.
Failure to provide timely resources or failure to maintain a high level of commitment could prevent timely compliance and be, in the long term, expensive to the city.
6511(a), a refund claim is timely if it is filed within three years from the filing date, regardless of when the return is filed.
Often the resident/responsible party hasn't been rebilled or reminded to pay in a timely manner.
882 to include a provision allowing foreign corporations to deduct expenses against their effectively connected income, but only if they timely filed a U.
I hit a good shot in there and missed about a 6, 8 footer, but that was timely because I was like level (with the leaders).
Under this ruling, a refund claim is timely as long as a taxpayer files it within three years after filing a tax return--even if the return is filed more than two years after payment.
1, the appellate court was called upon to examine a scenario wherein a tenant had failed to timely respond to an owner's offer of a rent-stabilized renewal lease.
may be affected by its ability to continue to implement its government technology solutions, its dependence on the federal government and state and local governments and other federal government contractors as its major customers, timely passage of components of the federal budget, timely obligations of funding by the federal and state governments, its dependence on procuring, pricing and performing short-term government contracts, its dependence on hiring and retaining qualified professionals, potential fluctuations in its quarterly operating results, including seasonal impacts, its dependence on certain key employees and its ability to timely and effectively integrate the businesses it may acquire.
In Example 3, even though the executor can make the trust one-fourth exempt by timely filing the 2004 gift tax return before April 15, 2005, the only way to make the trust fully exempt would be to allocate GST exemption (if available) on the Federal estate return equal to 75% of the insurance proceeds, under Sec.
Normally, to obtain innocent spouse relief, a taxpayer must comply with the requirements of section 6015, which include filing a timely election, receiving a denial of the request and then filing a timely petition with the Tax Court.