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being at the right time

timely convenience

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He will never compromise on the timeliness and the quality of work.
Ensure transparency with VAs claims processing performance by publishing VAs claims processing timeliness on a monthly basis.
Some of the specialists were emailed a questionnaire about indicators related to the following attributes of the tuberculosis surveillance system: (i) data quality (completeness and consistency), timeliness and (iii) acceptability (15).
In a letter to the bill's sponsors, the Appraisal Institute recommended a different approach, suggesting that instead of allowing third-party inspections, the VA should more aggressively recruit appraisers to address timeliness issues.
A stock's Timeliness rank factors in recent earnings and stock price news, and stocks that have experienced recent positive (negative) news are more likely to be rated above (below) average.
Both younger and older producers considered timeliness to be the most important quality, but it was an especially important factor for young producers.
In light of IDES' expansion, GAO was asked to examine: (1) the extent to which DOD and VA are meeting IDES timeliness and servicemember satisfaction performance goals, and (2) steps the agencies are taking to improve IDES performance.
The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between student perceptions of teaching presence and communication timeliness of instructors in online courses.
Several models were developed to overcome the problems however these models were not directly applicable to be implemented to measure the timeliness of handheld application usage specifically [5], [6].
The study aimed to determine nurse characteristics associated with childhood immunisation coverage and timeliness in the New Zealand primary care setting.
However, researches on timeliness of eWOM information were limited and divergent.
In light of longstanding problems with delays and backlogs, Congress mandated personnel security clearance reforms through the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA), which requires, among other things, that executive agencies meet objectives for the timeliness of the investigative and adjudicative phases of the security clearance process.
The AMI Virtual Learning Collaborative has been designed to address the timeliness of reperfusion therapy.
The external perception of the FSA timeliness and speed of response was far from positive, said the review by Steelhenge, a crisis management and business continuity consultancy.
Food and Nutrition Service letter clarified that an earlier memo sent on timeliness problems had used outdated data from the period of March-August 2007.