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Synonyms for time-out

a pause or interval, as from work or duty

Words related to time-out

a brief suspension of play

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Quick re-intervention with body blocks or time-outs should put the mounting to rest again.
If this instrument were to have predictive validity, it could adequately cater for all statements made by coaches during real time-out situations.
As you have seen on TV, coaches use many styles to get their players' attentions during time-outs.
Skilled application of intervention tools and techniques: Leashes and long lines, no-reward markers (NRMs), and time-outs.
To effectively combat an offense in a two-minute situation, the defense must know how variables such as time, score, offensive time-outs, the offense's field-goal game, and offensive philosophy will affect the offense's play-call mindset.
There is a difference of opinion about calling a time-out upon gaining possession for a last shot.
The Rams have built a reputation, more than any team in the league, for not worrying about burning their three allocated time-outs early in the game, as long as it helps them to call the right play.
He continued: "If we feel that the team managers have a legitimate case (and I am on their side in this instance), then perhaps we should allow each team two time-outs of maybe one to two minutes duration during each championship game to allow changes to be made by managers.
They address topics like how all children are not the same, the need for hugging, the problematic sexualization of girls, fostering cooperation and not competition, the brain/body dichotomy, active learning, play, physical fitness, the need for recess, authentic learning, self-led learning, the problems with testing, valuing mistakes, teaching handwriting, the problems with homework, the arts, use of false praise, and time-outs.
JOSE MOURINHO reckons time-outs for 'coaching breaks' should be introduced in football - and cites the water break during the World Cup game between Holland and Mexico when Louis van Gaal publicly altered his side's tactics, won the match and earned major plaudits.
the Mavericks used their time-outs to stop the clock as they piled on the pressure, but Warriors stood strong and were able to stop the Mavericks on a fourth down with eight seconds left on the clock.
Cricket has plenty of natural breaks - there are time-outs in the IPL, rain delays in almost every game played during the English summer, and Jonathan Trott spends at least five minutes rearranging the straps of his pads before facing the next ball.
Both sides called time-outs in the final minute to try and snatch a late winner, but failed to capitalise.
At the age of fourteen, Teddy must endure beatings, time-outs in dark closets, and verbal abuse from the priests.
The 28-year-old Briton, who was yesterday handed an Olympic wildcard place, saw off her Italian opponent 4-6 6-4 6-0 after a match littered with medical time-outs.
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