time period

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an amount of time

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Furthermore, we identified individual fish nested within a time period as the subject for modeling the repeated measures.
The atlas provides maps, text, tables, and figures for more than 40 cancers for the time periods 1950-1969 and 1970-1994.
The "trigger" date of a suit is when the time period starts running.
In general, there is limited mixing forward and backward from one flight to another, so the consistency of the end product is heavily influenced by blend variations over much shorter time periods than those typically used to test blend accuracy.
trade volumes ahead by nearly 8% through July 1995 compared with the same time period in 1994.
The time period 1986-1991 (six years) was chosen to be consistent with the time periods used in the two previous studies - a seven-year period (1967-73), a six-year period (1974-79), and a second six-year period (1980-1985).
In his March 27, 1991, remarks to Tax Executives Institute's 1991 Mid-year Conference last week, Commissioner Goldberg discussed a TEI recommendation that the time period for a taxpayer included in the Coordinated Examination Program to administratively protest proposed tax adjustments be extended from 30 days to 90 days by means of an automatic 60-day extension of time.
The survival function is defined as the probability that the person remains employed longer than a given time period.
In examining the imprinted numbers on the tapes and the intensity of the inking, Hargett's team of forensic experts discovered that at least one-third of the counter tapes in Imanishi-Kari's notebooks do not match up with other such tapes produced by other researchers working in her lab during the same time period.
Certificates are awarded for performance over a 1-, 5-, 10- and 15-year time period for open-end equity funds.
Vlad (Guerrero) during the same time period has been down.
Pears writes historical fiction with such density and depth that the reader becomes immersed not in one distant time period but in three.
After that time period has passed, building owners may file a dismissal request form with their borough code enforcement office.
The proposal would invalidate a check-the-box election if an "extraordinary transaction" occurs within a specified time period.
The DOL believes the current time period tempts companies with cash-flow problems to "borrow" employees' contributions as interest-free loans.