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The sound time history of traffic flow in the chosen representative time interval is registered on both microphones simultaneously, as the two discreet sets of instantaneous A-weighted sound pressure levels [L.
From these relations, the proper time interval between the instants the satellite sees the events of departure and arrival, [t'.
Information about minimum atmospheric pressure formation in 5-6 days in Vilnius, when a cyclone was moving from Newfoundland eastward, was registered at a time interval of 12-13 hours (-26 imp/h.
Step X: Find the optimal schedule by Johnson's technique (1954) for a given problem when break down time interval (a, b) is considered.
Figure 4(a) is in the time interval 1 (4 pm) and Figure 4 (b) is in the time interval 16 (5 pm).
5) for assessing the optimal time interval in days between repeated cholesterol measurements.
In the molding example, the barrel and reservoir are assumed to be at the barrel control temperature for the reservoir time interval, R.
The standard diverts a steady flow into a collection tank of known volume during a measured time interval.
They propose that bits of dust within the disk of material that surrounded the infant sun assembled "into planetesimals many kilometers across over a time interval of order 1 million years or less," says Jack J.
The Allan deviation and another statistic called total deviation both require data runs twice as long as the desired averaging time interval.
Also, because it is Pipeless, the bath water loses only one degree of temperature in a 20-minute bathing cycle, as opposed to conventional piped and air systems, which can lose 10 degrees or more in the same time interval.
Moreover, the bunches of electrons and photons are less than 100 micrometers wide and must meet within a time interval of only about 10 picoseconds.
Based on patented Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) technology, the company's Femto 2000 and GT4000 families of multi-channel timing test systems and accompanying Datacom Analysis software substantially improve test throughput via fast measurement rates, far greater measurement and analysis accuracy, and the ability to handle asynchronous or non-deterministic signals without external arming on up to 32 or 64 channels.
We know of no other mechanism that can produce laminae that progressively thicken and thin on such a regular time interval.
Introduced commercially in 2002, HotShot features a patented cycling technology that intelligently heats fluid to an exact temperature and sprays the fluid at a precise time interval to quickly and efficiently remove snow, ice, bugs and road grime from vehicles.