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Step X: Find the optimal schedule by Johnson's technique (1954) for a given problem when break down time interval (a, b) is considered.
Figure 4(a) is in the time interval 1 (4 pm) and Figure 4 (b) is in the time interval 16 (5 pm).
5) for assessing the optimal time interval in days between repeated cholesterol measurements.
The "worst-case order of occurrence cumulative volume versus time interval" approach uses progressively larger moving time windows to compute cumulative hot-water use during each size time interval throughout the entire database of collected flow data.
Figure 8 shows cumulative volume versus time interval plots for the first highest, third highest, fifth highest, tenth highest, average, and lowest highest (i.
The total deviation has long been used by manufacturers and analysts in place of the Allan deviation, where calculations of frequency stability at long-term time intervals are needed.
We know of no other mechanism that can produce laminae that progressively thicken and thin on such a regular time interval.
Introduced commercially in 2002, HotShot features a patented cycling technology that intelligently heats fluid to an exact temperature and sprays the fluid at a precise time interval to quickly and efficiently remove snow, ice, bugs and road grime from vehicles.
PCA3 ProfileR brings important new clarity: a positive result may indicate prostate cancer and the need for an additional biopsy; a negative result may suggest that a relatively longer time interval may be acceptable between biopsies.
Two weeks ago, as the moon swept across the face of the sun like a giant shutter, Jennings and his colleagues measured the time interval between the moment when the moon first blocked the solar disk and when it later obscured the magnesium line as it moved across the sun.
Searle, who first suggested in 1978 that our galaxy took 3 billion years to evolve into a disk, speculates that a longer-than-expected time interval for the Milky Way's evolution indicates that it may have formed from the merger of two galaxies.
New technologies, such as shorter Transmission Time Interval (TTI) and Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ), and new specifications, such as throughput, are added to the library to support today's upload data rates of up to 5.
Researchers have now determined that each light flash lasts less than 100 pico-seconds, a time interval considerably shorter than the duration of a soundwave cycle.
As for the lithium, those atoms take much longer to become photoionized, so they expanded into a very large volume, and the ions were detected within this volume over a broad time interval.
Time-based material stored as pixels per time interval or samples per time interval, such as animation, audio, film or video stored as frames per second (fps).