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a photograph produced with a relatively long exposure time

exposure of a film for a relatively long time (more than half a second)

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When tested for heat tolerance, the weevil adults and larvae had high survival rates at <35 [degrees]C for all time exposures, whereas eggs and pupae suffered 100% mortality at 35 [degrees]C for 4 d (Fig.
If you shoot a buck just before dark and recovery it by lantern light, try some time exposures right then, and take some flash photos, too.
At the very least, you need to be able to hold the shutter open (on the "B" setting) for time exposures, from a few minutes to more than an hour.
The mass-market OMs (OM-10, -20, -30, -F, -G, and -PC) lack interchangeable focusing screens and require battery power throughout a time exposure, but they're often very cheap and are handy as backup camera bodies.
Slow Shutter NR -- In order to capture strikingly natural night scenes with available light, Slow Shutter NR overcomes the problem of CCD noise in long time exposures.
Note, too, that as time exposures increase beyond a few seconds the reciprocity effect on color films reduces the gains to be had by increasing exposure time.
Scientific cameras that allow time exposures for each frame can give results similar to those of time-lapse film cameras, but the resolution is badly degraded by the scan lines.
Just about any old-style camera will work if it can make time exposures.
If you're looking for new equipment, you may have a tough time finding a camera that can take time exposures without relying on batteries.
Also known as time exposures, the technique of keeping the camera's shutter open for several seconds, minutes or even hours, is a simple procedure that can produce images of both aesthetic appeal and scientific value.
Time exposures and techniques such as painting with light are impossible without this vital accessory.