timber line

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line marking the upper limit of tree growth in mountains or northern latitudes

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And none of them can subsist above about 2,700 feet of elevation (the timber line in the Lower 48, by contrast, is about 11,000 feet).
And it mixes the fir fragrance of mountain timber line with the emerging scent of tender grasses on the sides of gentle hills.
In our application for The Timber Line, we described Unilec's long time involvement with the Allegheny Hardwoods Utilization Group (known affectionately as AHUG).
The main trail climbs almost 1,900 feet through lodgepole pine and spruce, emerging above timber line and Georgia Pass at the Colorado Trail's first encounter with the Continental Divide.
Companies discussed in this research include Acumentrics, Energy Solution International, Ensol Systems, Evergreen Energy Technologies, SFC Energy, Timber Line Electric and Control, Tycon Power Systems and UPS Systems.
Sitting above Redding's blowtorch heat, the area has temperatures that vary with elevation: an August day could be 90| at 1,070-foot Shasta Lake, 65| at timber line.
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