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(formerly) an enclosed field for tilting contests

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Set within King Henry VIII's former Tiltyard, the play area has battlements, towers, a secret grotto, hide holes and a 25ft (7.
A short detour up the staircase into the privy gallery overlooking the tiltyard led Shakespeare into a breathtaking gallery," Shapiro relates.
This summer, one of the highlights in the outside tiltyard will be Tournament 2000 - the tournament of the golden swan.
Ideals are, of course, seldom within reach and high-minded combat remained more typical of courtly play, whether in the pages of romance or on the dust of the tiltyard.
They employed elaborate, specially designed costumes and headpieces, often used fixed or moveable pageants or stages, relied on poetry, dialogue, music, song, or dance, occasionally incorporated barriers and tourneys from the tiltyard, and sometimes included plays.
In commemorating the feats of the German nobility on the battlefield and in the tiltyard, the Pandectae triumphales is designed both as an act of gratitude (vol.
This Digby Trout restaurant will use six strategically placed IBM SurePOS terminals to sell food and beverages in their tea rooms, as well as in the Tiltyard Cafe and Privy Kitchen.
For details of how to book seats in the outdoor tiltyard for the shows visit royalarmouries.
Then there are the Millennium Walks - the high banks and massive ditch that encircle today's car park protected the Tiltyard and its sluice-gates.
13The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds houses 70,000 medieval pieces and you can see a lot of it in action as knights battle it out in a joust in the tiltyard.
LEEDS Royal Armouries: Falconry shows, horse shows and even real jousting with knights in armour doing combat in the tiltyard all form part of this fascinating museum, which houses a huge collection of arms and armour.
He was an accomplished performer in the tiltyard, served with distinction in Henry's campaigns at home and abroad and, in January 1543, achieved the position he prized most highly, that of Lord Admiral.
He spent heavily on his tiltyard appearances, where his striking appearance and martial abilities advanced and sustained his image as a great chivalric figure.
On the day of his disappearance he had been to the golf club in the morning and was due to play in a team game of pool at his local, Tiltyard pub in Leyes Lane, Kenilworth, that night.
The shows in the Tiltyard are aimed at all ages and promise spectacular live entertainment.